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Friday, July 31, 2009

Thank You Thank You Thank You (Can we do more?)

About a month ago I sent an email to my friends and family asking them to help my wife raise money for the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA). She set her goal at $1600. As of this writing she has raised $1645 online and more offline.

This all because of you, our friends and family. We are so grateful for your generosity.

Because I have Spinal Muscular Atrophy I am "in the loop" as to how your money is spent. The MDA puts together a magazine called Quest. They write about all the things your money is doing to help people with MD. I invite you to read some of the issues. Amazing things are being discovered all the time.

The actual "Lock Up" event is August 5th. Donna will go there with many others to make calls to help raise the most possible dollars. She will be proud to represent your donations.

This will be the last time I mention this fundraiser to you, as I don't like to be pushy. If you have not had the chance to donate and would like to. Please visit;

And again, to everyone that already donated, Thank you.

Here is my picture from my first MDA Summer Camp 1972 (I'm the blonde).

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Acid Trip Thursday

There are no words to describe the following.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

He IS The President, Now Shut Your Pie Holes

Let's do politics today shall we.

I'm still increasing my knowledge of health care so I wont be discussing that subject. You see I try to understand issues before I discuss them. Unlike those who still think Barack Obama was not born in the USA.

Here is one looser from before;

Here's a newer moron;

They have taken the name of "Birthers", those who question Obama was born in the U.S.

Despite the cold hard truth,

The Birthers cry on.

Here is a funny take on the truth;

Even the right handed right winger of the right, Ann Coulter, agrees Obama is a US citizen. But, the birthers refuse to come out of their womb of ignorance, why? Oh, I already said why, they are ignorant.

Well, until next time when I write about, My Dinner With Elvis, JFK, and Michael Jackson.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Summer Summer Summer

This summer has been a mixed bag. Besides the 90 to 100's I felt in Florida the weather has very "non summery". If Global Warming is a reality, I sure wish Al Gore would send some of that warmth my way because I'm just not getting all that warm this summer.

Today is July 27th and this past weekend was probably the first where I could enjoy the weather.

Besides the actual weather let's look at something a lot of people like to talk about, politics. The president got himself into some hot water the other day by expressing his opinion. Obama was asked his opinion about a black Havard professor being arrested, in his own home, for disorderly conduct. One of the reasons I support Obama is because of his willingness to speak for himself and give you HIS opinion. Obama, unfortunately, is realizing that his opinion is that of the most powerful man in the free world. As much as I want to hear his opinion, I realize he needs to be careful because the world is listening.

At least Obama has the confidence to go back and try to mend a fence he knows he broke. He has invited the professor and the arresting officer to the White House for a beer. I'm curious to know what kind of beer will they drink?

It can't wont be an imported beer, so it wont be a Killian's Red.
I doubt they would pick the stereo typed beer of African-Americans, so it wont be Schlitz Malt Liquor or Colt 45.

I doubt they would pick a Budwiser or Miller product just because the one not picked would complain.

It wont be a lite version or near of beer because the would display a sign of weakness to our global enemies.

It will have to be an American Micro brew. Which one speaks of side stepping a racial war?
Here's a few they could choose (actual beers);

Left Hand Brewing - Obama's a lefty
Blue Sky Brewery - Let's clear the air
Great Divide Brewing - To acknowledge the distance we still need to go in race relations
Stone Brewing Co. - This is for my Republican friends. This company makes an Arrogant Bastard Ale. See I'm fair and balanced.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Why Change Your Sox?

I keep reading stories about the "controversy" of President Obama wearing a White Sox jacket when he threw out the 1st pitch at last weeks baseball All Star game. Why is this an issue?

Why does any President have to give up their opinions? Don't we elect people BECAUSE of their opinions. Hell, John Kerry got blasted because he flip-flopped his opinions.

Some were critical that Obama watched ESPN's Sports Center at the end of the day. So what!

I'd rather he turn on Sports Center than his intern.

Being President is a 24 hour a day job. There has to be a pressure relief valve or the stress would ruin the man or woman.

This country still isn't on track. But, I doubt sports is the reason the economy is still struggling.

Focus people focus.

Friday, July 17, 2009

You Get A Blog, You Get A Blog, You Get A Blog

Yesterday while retreating from the rain at my son's baseball game, I was talking to my good friend Phil (not his real name). He had mentioned he had been reading another blog I had recommended, Black Jack on the White Sox.

It's a sports blog written by a former White Sox pitcher, Jack McDowell, with strong opinions. Like every American he has opinions about many things. His blog dipped it's toe into the political pool recently and all hell broke loose. One person commented that he should stick to baseball and not politics.

As a grizzled blogger I have no problem with a baseball guy breaking loose on politics. I totally disagree with his politics, but still respect his opinion. Writing a blog, while enjoyable, is difficult to remain fresh. Sometimes I have no idea what to write about until I start typing. We Americans have the great freedom to say whatever we want. So we should say whatever we want.

I think everybody should have a public blog. And we should try to learn from each others opinions, especially when we do not agree with one another. I think that is what makes life interesting.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Sir, The Messiah Will See You Now

I thought I would share with you an interesting day I had Tuesday. Yesterday I had an interview to determine whether or not I am disabled enough to use the area's paratransit services.

I use a bus service that was setup for those too disabled to use the mainline buses and trains. The service is great. I make a reservation the day ahead and a bus picks me up at my house and takes me where I need to go. I've been using the services for over 20 years. It gives me the independence to go to work to earn a comfortable living all these years. Sometimes it would not be perfect, i.e. long waits, long rides and general incompetence. But, 95% of the time it is great.

Every four years I need to be reevaluated to see if I'm disabled enough to continue using the service. It always feels like I'm going to meet Jesus and he might make my disability go away.
I have friends in wheelchairs that have been told they can't use the service. Despite being in a wheelchair they have been told they weren't disabled enough to use the service.

So when I go to the reevaluation office I am surrounded by some of the areas finest thespians. There are some people who use the service just because its easier, despite being more than able bodied to use the regular buses and trains. So they fake ailments. I admit in the past I've had to exaggerate my disability because I know what they are looking for. I never drool or anything, but I have faked getting tired before I really was. Today I didn't have to act. The morning breeze was cool enough to freeze up my driving hand. I'll get my final results in 3 weeks.

So eventhough I've been unable to walk for 44 years and science has not yet found a cure for my disability I will need to prove myself every four years. I just wanted to give you a glimpse into a small part of my disabled life. I wonder if the Boy/Girl Scouts have similar testing procedures.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Michael Jackson R.I.P.

I've had a lot of time to ponder the passing of Michael Jackson. I'm sort of glad he died while I was on vacation. Otherwise, I would have been swamped by the media coverage his death has brought on.

My wife and I discussed him while driving home from Florida. We also tried to explain who Michael Jackson was to our son. Here's a tip to adults. If you want to know the meaning of something you don't fully understand, explain it to a six year old. You are forced to boil down the information and cut out the fat of distraction. This is what I found out.

Michael Jackson was a very famous person with a tremendous talent for singing and dancing. Many people around him knew he could them a lot of money. From a very early age he was making music. Because he was good it would become his job, whether he wanted it or not. Because he was so rich and famous it was hard for him to tell who his really friends in life were. Some would take advantage of his kind heart and tell lies in order to steal some of his money. For some unknown reason Michael Jackson did not like the way he looked. Despite all his talents he felt the need to alter his looks. We will never understand why he did this, but for some they will always judge him by his various states of appearance.

In the end, Michael Jackson died an enigma to many. Over time his detractors will vanish. History will remember Michael Jackson as a very talented eccentric musician. His music was the soundtrack of my and many others youths. I own a few Michael Jackson CD's. My son likes watching and listening to Michael Jackson's music and videos. I don't have any problem with that.

I'm not shedding a tear for your death, but I am shaking my head at how you were treated while you were alive. Rest In Peace Michael Jackson, God knows you didn't get any while you were alive.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Vacation Part II - Reading Is Over Rated

After leaving our "Quality" Inn & Suites "breakfast" we were on the road again. We drive on vacations because I fear, not flying, but my $20k wheelchair flying into the cargo bay of a 737 at the hands of an underpaid baggage handler that's going through a divorce because his wife slept with his best friend after a Elton John/Billy Joel concert.

But, I digress.

When you drive you really get to see this great country of ours. Even my, now 6 year old, son would stop playing just to look out the windows. He said that he likes seeing different things.

One thing you see a lot of are billboards. My son is just learning how to read and I'm happy with his progress. But, I'm also happy he hasn't put his skills together with reading while moving at 75 MPH.

The south loves to advertise five things. Nuts, Peaches, Chick-fil-a, Pro-life and strip joints. I'm a fan of them all. Except peaches unless they are in a pie. I just anticipate someday having to explain Club Risque ads every 10 miles for 400 miles.

Well, son, some women enjoy getting naked and allowing truck drivers, college students and divorced airline baggage handlers to stare, whistle and shout crude comments at them for dollar bills.

Maybe having to explain Boiled Nuts won't be so hard in comparison.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Vacation Part I - Quality, Job 437

Last week my wife, son and I drove to Florida for a vacation. Our destination was Walt Disney World and the Kennedy Space Center. We made this trip a family gathering of sorts. My wife's cousin, Peggy Sue (not her real name), lives in California. She has two sons, Romeo and Dennis (not their real names), that live in Central Florida. So when we were planning our trip we called cousin Peggy Sue to see if she wanted to join in the fun. You don't have to twist Peggy Sue's arm for a family gathering.

The drive to The Sunshine State is two days for us. We made a layover in Chattanooga TN at a "Quality" Inn & Suites. Our definition of quality and theirs is a bit different. The first sign of trouble was when their own directions sent us to Georgia. We're pretty smart and figured out the mistake quickly enough to only be in GA for a few minutes.

The second red flag was the physical location of the building. Apparently, the Country Place Restaurant had extra land behind their dumpsters and sold it to the "Quality" Inn & Suites people. We had to drive around back of the restaurant to get to the hotel.

The third huge blinking red flag was the security window when checking in. Imagine being at a drifter motel and there's a toothless 5th grade graduate behind bullet-proof glass handing out room keys. Well, our hotel had the glass window.

We drive around to our "Suite". My wife unpacks the car and we all start to unwind after 12 hours of driving. The last of which was in the dark through the mountains with truckers not on their way to the happiest place on Earth. We unfold the sleeper sofa only to find no sheets, covers or pillows. We looked every where, even in the almond colored microwave with dials from 1986 and the matching mini-fridge (the Grand Ol' Opry must of had an estate sale). Anyway, no problem we'll just call the front desk and ask for sheets, it is a "Quality" Inn & Suites.

Donna: We need some extra sheets & covers for our sofa bed.
Front Desk: We don't leave the sheets for the sofa bed in the room. You have to pick those up at the front desk.
D: We're all ready for bed, can't you send them to the room?
FD: No, I'm all alone here and can't leave.

Needless to say I slept with really itchy cover we found in the room. If he's too afraid to go out at night, I'm not sending my wife.


If you were ever wondering what the Army did with its surplus powdered eggs from WWII, wonder no more, we found it.

The rest of the trip was much better. Tune in tomorrow.