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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Dear Santa,

I wanted to tell you about my son Jimmy. He is unlike any child I have ever met. He is 5.5 years old. He has a smile that can melt steel and a heart that is filled with pure kindness.

One night we were talking before his bedtime. He had a little paper cut that was nagging him and he asked me why did God make us this way in that we can get hurt or that I had to be in a wheelchair. I explained to him, as best I could, about God's plan and things happen for reasons only known to Him. I further explained that if I had not been in a wheelchair I may not have had the opportunity to be his father. He just gave me a big hug and kiss and told me he loved me and he was so so so so very happy that I was his daddy.

Another example of how big his heart is can be found in the gift he wrapped and has left for you by our fireplace. He decided, on his own, that he wanted to give Santa a gift. True, he has a Christmas list longer than he is tall, but how many children think of giving gifts to Santa?

Yesterday he blew me away again with his caring. We had watched Home Alone 2 during the day. In the movie the young boy Kevin befriends a lonely bird lady in the park. He gives the lady a turtle dove ornament to remind her that they will be friends forever and that he will never forget her. My Jimmy is the type of kid that will try to recreate certain things he sees in movies. I fully expected him to setup booby traps like the ones he also saw in the Home Alone 2 movie. He came up to my wife and I and said he had a gift for us. He said said this gift will make us friends forever. He had three matching pieces, one for each of us, of his Lincoln Logs building set. He never did try setting any booby traps.

So Santa when you're flying around tonight please keep our Jimmy in your heart. All I want for Christmas is for Jimmy's kindness to be shared with others. His heart gives me strength. Please give me the strength to see Jimmy grow up to be a man. I want the world to know that I love my son so so so so very much.


, Jimmy's Daddy

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Best Videos

I'm wanting to give today.


One shoe, two shoe, brown shoe, blue shoe.

The Secret Service said they'd take a bullet for the president, they didn't say anything about shoes. He may be doofus, but he does have good reactions. I think he gets practice with Chaney throwing things at him.

Hum Along

I got some choice words about my Ear Worm blog with Beyonce I thought would give you a new tune to sing. (Sorry Cousin Kathy.)

Funniest Comedian

In my opinion John Pinette is the funniest man in comedy today.

An hour can change your life.

I was reading a list of notable deaths for 2008. I saw the name Randy Pausch. I did the same thing you just did, I went, "Who?"
Well, I Googled. There is a video of him on YouTube that has been seen over 8 million times.
It is a video of his last lecture, he was a professor, before he died. I encourage you to to find an hour and sixteen minutes to watch his lecture.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

'Til Death Do Us Part (Can I Get A 40 Year Warranty On That?)

For anyone who was ever married the vow, 'til death do us part, is usually just a formality. But, I think the newest soon-to-be, Mrs. Drew Peterson, might want to check the fine print on that vow.

If you haven't heard Cupid has shot (allegedly) Drew Peterson and his newest fiancee. All we know about her is that she is 23 years old. I'm guessing she must be Amish (allegedly) and has no access to current media technology.

My neck is sore from shaking it in disbelief. Drew Peterson's publicist, (how many scumbags (allegedly) have publicists?), did not release the woman's name. I will call her Ali Gedly.

Imagine Ali bringing Drew home to meet Mr. & Mrs. Gedly.

Ali: Mom, Dad. I'd like like you to meet my new fiancee Drew.
Mrs. Gedly: OH OUR LITTLE GIRL IS GE T T I n g m a r
Mr. Gedly: Ali, do you know who he is and what he has done (allegedly)?
Ali: Sure. I know he's had some tough breaks (allegedly).
Mr. Gedly: Not as bad of breaks his last two wives have had (allegedly).
Ali: I don't care, I love him and were going to be married, right Drewpy Bear?
Drewpy Bear: Uh, yeah, right baby. Say how old is your sister?

Let's go with the facts.
He's 54.
He was 31 when Ali Gedly was born.
He's been married 4 times.
2 out of 4 of his ex wives are dead or missing. (That's a bad %)

I don't get it, I don't get it at all. Is every last available man on earth gone? (Come to think of it I haven't heard from my single guy friends in a while, I'd better call them.)

When I was single I tried to put out a nice guy vibe instead of the marry and divorce, marry and divorce, marry and "divorce", and marry and "divorce" vibe. I treated women with respect. I dated some nice women (I won't list names. Don't want to embarrass the one I mean ones who passed up this deal). I married the best one. It's been 18 years. Almost the same age as Ali Gedly. My wife is still quite alive.

I guess I'm just old fashioned (fact).

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Do, They Know It's Christmas?

At Christmas time I'm sure many of you get the same emails I do regarding the de-Christing of Christmas. We are urged to forward the email at the risk of shaming ourselves in Christ's name if we don't. Well, I usually don't forward them.

(sound of plate dropping)

And yet, I do agree with the message being sent. Albeit with my own take on it.
My sister, Gail, sent me a poem email on this subject which I had not seen before.

Twas the month before Christmas

When all through our land,

Not a Christian was praying

Nor taking a stand.

See the PC Police had taken away,

The reason for Christmas - no one could say.

The children were told by their schools not to sing,

About Shepherds and Wise Men and Angels and things.

It might hurt people's feelings, the teachers would say

December 25th is just a ' Holiday '..

Yet the shoppers were ready with cash, checks and credit

Pushing folks down to the floor just to get it!

CDs from Madonna, an X BOX, an I-pod

Something was changing, something quite odd!

Retailers promoted Ramadan and Kwanzaa

In hopes to sell books by Franken & Fonda.

As Targets were hanging their trees upside down

At Lowe's the word Christmas - was no where to be found.

At K-Mart and Staples and Penny's and Sears

You won't hear the word Christmas; it won't touch your ears.

Inclusive, sensitive, Di-ver-is-ty

Are words that were used to intimidate me.

Now Daschle, Now Darden, Now Sharpton, Wolf Blitzen

On Boxer, on Rather, on Kerry, on Clinton !

At the top of the Senate, there arose such a clatter

To eliminate Jesus, in all public matter.

And we spoke not a word, as they took away our faith

Forbidden to speak of salvation and grace

The true Gift of Christmas was exchanged and discarded

The reason for the season, stopped before it started.

So as you celebrate 'Winter Break' under your 'Dream Tree'

Sipping your Starbucks, listen to me.

Choose your words carefully, choose what you say


Not Happy Holiday !

Please, all Christians join together and

Wish everyone you meet during the

Holidays a


Now, I agree with the theme of this poem. But, I will not change what I do. Truth is, not many people will change. Not enough anyway.

If people were really that offended by a store saying, Happy Holiday versus Merry Christmas, they would stop shopping there. And if enough people stopped shopping at a store, the store would change their ways. In the end it all come down to money. This is a hard and fast rule.

Now, what is wrong with saying Happy Holidays I ask? I think it is fair to say 99.9% of the world population realizes that this time of year and December 25th is Christmas time.

So when you say things like;

  • Happy Holidays
  • Seasons Greetings
  • Happy Ho Ho
  • May Your Jingles Jangle

It is safe to assume all of the above are meaning, Merry Christmas. So what's wrong with that?

I did a little research and found Christian influenced activities on some of the so called anti-Christian websites.

It would be better if a business didn't use Christ to sell at all. Ask yourself the following question. Which is better, a store that wishes all a Merry Christmas and helps no one or a store that wishes Happy Holidays and helps others?

Better yet, what have you done for others this season?

In case anybody has forgotten, here is what Christmas is all about.

Merry Holidays this Christmas.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Happy New Year Or BOOM!

I don't like to be a glass half empty kinda guy. But, I have read an article that calls for the end of the world this Christmas. Again.

Here, read it for yourself: The Parowan Prophet

Ok, ok I haven't sold all my worldly possessions and started doing things I've always wanted to do before I die. (Jennifer Aniston won't accept my calls anyway, but that's besides the point.)

This "Prophet" has been in the prophecy game for 30 years. When asked what correct calls he has had, I mean we need proof right? Anybody can call themselves a prophet.

His resume;
  • O.J. Simpson's murder acquittal
  • Al Gore's winning of the popular vote in 2000
Prophet? Try Coin Flipper!

Yet this guy wants people to believe the world is coming to an end, again. He has made this prediction before. I read and watch a lot of news and Oprah and I think I would have remembered the world coming to an end.
(Maybe it was on NPR, I don't listen to NPR as much as I should.)

Yet, this "Prophet" has followers. Go figure.

Maybe instead of being a insignificant blogger I will become a prophet, oops I mean, "Prophet". He gets press. I don't get press. Let's look at some of my predictions.

  • I said Obama would win. He won.
  • I predicted that Star Wars would be a flop. It's been popular, true, but just you wait.
  • I predicted that the NFL was just a predetermined macho play. Oh, wait that was wrestling.

Still, I could be a "Prophet".

My favorite quote from that article,

"Prophecy, is not an exact science."

THAT is what I'm pinning my hopes on.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Bye Bye Blago

I don't speak Serbian, but I think Blagojevich is translated to "really stupid golfball" in English. Those who read this should know, I'm from Illinois. You may have heard about our state just recently, ahem.

Our Governor has an ego almost as large as his stupidity. Illinois has always been known for a few famous things. Abraham Lincoln, Michael Jordan, Barack Obama, gangsters, and greedy politicians. If you were in Illinois politics you would get rich, if you played ball.

Blagojevich is a democrat who is not liked by his own party. It's no secret who runs Illinois, the Daley family. With Barack Obama going to the White House it is safe to assume a pipeine of money would have benefited everybody, above the table and under it. I'm not condoning it, I'm just saying that's what happens.

Greed not only has a new poster boy, but they have a poster family, Bonnie & Clyde Blagojevich.
From the reports I've read these two cared only about filling their pockets with money.

Clyde also was withholding $8 million from a children's hospital until he got a little sommin sommin on the side.

Clyde once boasted about his "testicular virility" to make the tough decisions. Well, he didn't lie. He used his "testicular virility" to decide to be a crook knowing he was under investigation by the federal government. Apparently, we now know where his brains are.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Where's PETA Noooow!

I'm not sure who to call first, the Minnesota judge I blogged about yesterday or PETA. This morning I stumbled across a very disturbing website,

I'm not a cat person. But, even I find buying wigs for cats cruel and very unusual. I find dressing any animal a tad askew, but this website takes creepy to a whole new level.

I doubt animals, particularly cats, are thinking, "Gee, I wish I had blue or pink hair."

I've seen many photos of animals in various "dress up" situations. And in each photo the animal looks to be saying, "Help me, for the love of all things respectable, please help me." Why don't the animal owners see this?

I realize some of my readers may participate in this "activity". I'm here for you. Put down the plaid sweater and reindeer antlers. Go to your pet and notice God has already provided them with a fur coat. They don't need accessories besides a litter box, pooper-scooper or things to chew on.

And one final thought. Why give your animal bottled water when they are just as contented to drink out of the toilet? Just think about it.

Monday, December 08, 2008

I'm Moving To Minnesota

It's true, I've decided Minnesota is the place to live.
Why, you ask?
Well, because there is no crime there, that's why.
What, you ask?
Well, the way I see it, if the judges there have the time to issue an injunction to allow cheating football players to play football despite being guilty, there must be nothing else for the judges to be doing.
Who, you ask?
Ok, let me explain.

Last week the NFL suspended six players, two from the Minnesota Vikings, for testing positive on a drug test. The drug, bumetanide, is a banned substance because it can cover up, mask, the use of steroids.

The NFL policy puts the responsibility on the players to know what they are putting in their bodies. The players know which substances are allowed and which are not.

It just so happens the two players from Minnesota, defensive linemen Kevin and Pat Williams, are star players. Without them, it is believed, Minnesota would have a hard time winning their remaining games. It also just happens that Minnesota is in a very very tight race for the playoffs. The judge is from Minnesota, of course, so resolving this issue might take some time.

My guess is this will be ironed out as soon as the Vikings playoff status has been ironed out.

Why do we wonder why these athletes are always in trouble with the law? These guys know they make money for people, often wealthy people. They just know when the crap starts flying, somebody will be there with an umbrella and a shovel.

Judges shouldn't be wasting taxpayer's money trying to protect athletes who cheat. I hope his honor enjoys his skybox seats for the playoffs.

Friday, December 05, 2008

An Update & The Obama Touch

A quick note: Earlier I wrote about the Rally Round Rae Rae benefit. When I wrote the blog, their online donation system wasn't working. I'm happy to report they have fixed this feature and it works very well, having used it myself. So please visit the site and give if you can.

The Obama Touch

I said I wanted to use my blog to help others. Well, an idea hit me like a ton of bricks this morning. I saw this story in the Chicago Tribune, Obama uses Zune. Will iPod fans demand apology? The geek world is abuzz over this news. I, myself got an email about Obama's favorites. The email mentioned that he enjoys drinking Black Forest Berry Iced Tea. I have always enjoyed flavored teas, so I asked my wife to look for it at the store.
What this economy needs is for Obama to start doing product placement advertising. He could start riding around in a Ford Fusion or a GMC Yukon Hybrid while going through a Bank of America drive thru ATM. Take his withdrawal to an area shopping mall and start buying. He could buy some new Kenmore appliances at Sears. His family is moving into a new house they'll need some new things. The press could video tape the whole family playing Wii Music.

The bottom line is that Americans are like sheep. They will follow and try to emulate Obama. If he's using something the American public will want to use it too. Billions of dollars will be pumping through the economy in no time.

He could follow Oprah's style of name dropping products during say a weekly "Press" conference. It could go something like this:

Obama: Good morning. This morning while I was eating my Jimmy Dean Sausage & Cheese Omlete. I received a call on my Blackberry Storm. The President of Iran has a agreed to give up his quest for atomic energy. I was so surprised I nearly spit out my Tropicana Pure orange juice.

The State of the Union address could be his Favorite Things show.

We have to think outside the box people to get the country back on it's feet.

Monday, December 01, 2008

Giving Season

It is officially the holiday season. Or as some call it the Holly Daze, well just me anyway. Last Friday my wife and I did it. Yes, we went shopping the day after Thanksgiving. Now some may find this crazy, we find it to be fun. Granted, we're not Get-Up-At-4AM-And-Go-Shopping crazy. We hit Toy-R-Us at around 9:30am. We did this last year too. Some years we've even been known to go to, THE MALL!

Last year was crazy. During our shopping I was passing a kidney stone. You can read about it from last year's blog, READ ME.

This year was different. While there were a lot of people, the lines were short. And no kidney stones. We did well shopping. The day was sunny so my hands didn't freeze up so I was able to forge on.

I wanted to do more. Each year I wish there was more I could do for others. I'm not talking about buying toys and gifts for family and friends. I mean really helping others. This year I'm going to use my blog to try and help others. The idea being that my readers will help as well.

The first event I want to discuss is Rally Round Rae Rae. Rally Round Rae Rae is an event to help support the family of Rae Marie (Ruzich) Smith. She lost her battle with lung cancer. Rae Marie was not my personal friend. She was a friend of my family and other friends. We would see each other at various friend or family functions. This holiday season her four children will be without their mother and her husband will be without his wife.

There is to be a benefit to help raise money for her family. The benefit will be January 2, 2009 at a place called 115 Bourbon Street. They can use your help. The benefit can use money or donated items to be auctioned off at the event.

Please give or do whatever you can. Feel free to print this letter and spread the word yourself about this event.

This is what Christmas is all about.