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Friday, December 05, 2008

An Update & The Obama Touch

A quick note: Earlier I wrote about the Rally Round Rae Rae benefit. When I wrote the blog, their online donation system wasn't working. I'm happy to report they have fixed this feature and it works very well, having used it myself. So please visit the site and give if you can.

The Obama Touch

I said I wanted to use my blog to help others. Well, an idea hit me like a ton of bricks this morning. I saw this story in the Chicago Tribune, Obama uses Zune. Will iPod fans demand apology? The geek world is abuzz over this news. I, myself got an email about Obama's favorites. The email mentioned that he enjoys drinking Black Forest Berry Iced Tea. I have always enjoyed flavored teas, so I asked my wife to look for it at the store.
What this economy needs is for Obama to start doing product placement advertising. He could start riding around in a Ford Fusion or a GMC Yukon Hybrid while going through a Bank of America drive thru ATM. Take his withdrawal to an area shopping mall and start buying. He could buy some new Kenmore appliances at Sears. His family is moving into a new house they'll need some new things. The press could video tape the whole family playing Wii Music.

The bottom line is that Americans are like sheep. They will follow and try to emulate Obama. If he's using something the American public will want to use it too. Billions of dollars will be pumping through the economy in no time.

He could follow Oprah's style of name dropping products during say a weekly "Press" conference. It could go something like this:

Obama: Good morning. This morning while I was eating my Jimmy Dean Sausage & Cheese Omlete. I received a call on my Blackberry Storm. The President of Iran has a agreed to give up his quest for atomic energy. I was so surprised I nearly spit out my Tropicana Pure orange juice.

The State of the Union address could be his Favorite Things show.

We have to think outside the box people to get the country back on it's feet.


Scott Ploch said...

Brandy with breakfast again?
By the way, I posted Rae Rae link on Marcella Raymond's and Ginger Zee's Facebooks. Much traffic there

Mark Ploch said...

Brandy, more brandy.

Anonymous said...

Think you might be on to something. Perhaps things would look rosier with a bit of brandy in that Tropicana Oj, speaking of oj things are looking up on that front. Maybe the silent public are wakeing up at last.

Scott Ploch said...

How can OJ find his wife's killer if he's in prison? I guess he'll need a mirror

Mar said...

OJ won't have time to find his wife's killer 'cause he'll be running away from his new admirers in the Big House. Wheeee!

Maybe Americans with jobs and money will be able to purchase Obama's fav things...the others..not so much.

I'd like to see the next administration and congress come up with legislation to make it more difficult for corporations to outsource jobs. I'd also like to see fewer H-1B visas. Busy hands are happy hands.

Anonymous said...

OJ = Orange Jumpsuit

Mark Ploch said...

OJ = Ooooooh Juice!