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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Road To Cooperstown...

Yesterday was a proud moment in my life. My son's first T-ball game. His first organized baseball game. I now know what Derek Jeter, Jim Thome, and Ken Griffey Jr's fathers felt like. Fathers dream of this day. The fresh cut grass, the sound of baseballs tinging off bats, parents yelling at their kids to listen to coaches.

Ok, so day one didn't end up with my son hitting a game winning home run. In fact, the kids didn't get to hit at all the first day. In hindsight, not giving bats to 8 5 year olds was probably a good idea considering that as soon as they all tried on helmets they all begun head butting each other. Can't wait 'til they start wearing cups.

Being politically correct is a lesson that will be hard to teach and learn. What do you say to your kid when they point out that another kid who just spent ten minutes trying to put on their glove, "is not very good"?

At this age kids just want to throw as far as they can, which ever direction the ball may go. They want to run to anything they call 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or home while sometimes requiring a GPS. And they want to hit something with a bat, anything.

I'm realistic. I know the odds are against my son being a major league ballplayer. But, just as some of those kids are dreaming it, I as a parent, am dreaming it too.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I've Missed You

Sorry to my reader(s) for my lack of blogging. Summer is here and so is the family. With all that going on, something must be put aside.

I'm working on a blog. I'll be here.