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Friday, August 29, 2008


Barack Obama is now officially the Democratic nominee for President of these United States. My wife and I watched his very uplifting speech. I can only imagine what all black Americans were feeling last night. 143 years after slavery was abolished a black man is one election away from being President. I'm just happy that after 8 years of Bush an intelligent human being is one election away from being President.

Now I'm sure the Republicans are ripping on Obama this morning, that's politics. But, they can't argue with the fact that this country is going in the wrong direction.

Republicans like to characterize Obama supporters as if we are running after Forrest Gump. Or that we think Obama is some type of Messiah. I know Obama cannot solve all this country's problems. And I don't think he said he would. Obama is at least recognizing that things need fixing. He is trying to instill the sense that "together" we as a country can "work together" to solve these problems.

Republicans during the last 8 years have tried to figure out how to stuff their pockets with more money. They are doing it on the backs and with the blood of real Americans.

I'm just glad to be alive in country where this is possible.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Back To School, Back To Work

Ok, the house is quiet. Donna and Jimmy are back to school.
Let me clean off my desk and I'll be back to blogging.