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Friday, September 11, 2015


Today I've seen the "Never Forget" phrase a lot.  I agree the significance of 9/11 should always be with us.  However, this being America, I know tomorrow groups will be attacking each other.   We need to “Never Forget” we are all together in this new world.  We have to stop letting media, both left and right, steer the ship of public opinion.

I realize this world has evil people that just want to wipe us out.   But, that doesn’t mean we need to live in fear.  We need to live in respect of others, especially those that are different than us.

So, yes, “Never Forget”, never forget who we are as a country.  We’re the country the world looks to for leadership.  So let’s “Never Forget” who’s following us.

A lot of bad things happened on this date, and more bad things happened because of this date.  We’ve shown we can move forward together.  

If we forget who we are as  a country then we  have forgotten  what those innocent people  died for.