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Friday, February 27, 2009

You Want My Opinion, You Got It

Yesterday I posted things I've seen since my last blog. Some wanted more. Well, here goes.

I have to preface this blog with a note: I saw an interesting article in the Chicago Tribune. They printed a letter of soldier killed in Iraq. He was telling his friend why he felt it was important for him to be in Iraq. I encourage you to read it. Here is what I took from that soldier's words.
My blog is here because he was there. I could call former President Bush an ass because my speech is free and because he was one. That comment may seem melodramatic, but it's true. This country and all free countries have enemies. We, here, are so far away from them we can't comprehend what that means. Our soldiers are there, face to face, with the enemy and making sure the enemy stays far away. It is easy to get patriotic in July. I want to thank those soldiers every where for doing what they do. Iraq is in the public eye, but don't forget all the other places we have brave men and women.

Now, Roland Burris. There's one greedy little weasel. You have to watch this video from the good folks at WGN-TV Morning News. Watch the whole video they talk about Burris at the end.

Her plan to be famous has worked. Her plan to be sane is to be determined.

BORRRRRING. I had not seen any of the nominated film except for animation. Hugh Jackman is not a singer and is very close to melba toast. He can dance. Ok, so he's like melba toast with cream cheese on it. I saw 10 movies last year. My favorite, The Express. Animated, Kung Fu Panda.

The Cubs and Yankees will not be in the World Series. The White Sox will be better then last season. Manny Ramierez is a talented greedy little weasel. Manny will not be in the World Series.

The President
As he said, we have to forget how we got here. Blame will not help. I like the fact that the future budgets will be combed over to weed out TRILLIONS of dollars.

I have a real need for an Egg McMuffin ever since I mentioned it.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

I'm Back, baby!

I didn't intend to be gone for so long. My paying jobs kind of swelled on me. Anyway, here I am.

I've been watching the news of course, what else do bloggers do, right?

I've seen "Sen." Roland Burris' story change more times a teenager girl getting dressed to go to the mall.

I've seen so much passion, for and against, Nadya Suleman aka Octomom. Right or wrong, why do people want to crush her?

I've seen baseballs being thrown with the thoughts of Summer coming soon.
I've seen Cub fans standing in line to begin their 101st year swoon.

I've seen the Oscars be more boring than a speech by Sarah Jessica Parker on shoe care.

I've seen our President address Congress in hopes of getting our SUV of a country out of real deep mud.

I haven't seen my Egg McMuffin anywhere, anyone, anyone, Bueller, Bueller?

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

More Illinois Burrish!t

When I was a kid I remember a big snow meaning that 12 or more inches, people could drive in the snow with no problems, and it was not a lead story on the news.

I also remember that being from Illinois meant you were from the "Land of Lincoln", Michael Jordan, Al Capone, and corn. We all knew Al Capone was a bad guy, but we accepted our relationship with him anyway.

Being from Illinois now days is a little different. We are still the "Land of Lincoln" and Michael Jordan, but sadly we've added George Ryan, Rod Blagojevich, and Roland Burris.

Of the latter three I think Roland Burris has to be the dumbest of the new three stooges. For one, he happily accepts a Senate seat appointment from Rod Blagojevich. THE SAME Senate seat Blagojevich tried to sell.

In a January 5th, 2009 signed document Burris stated;

"Prior to December 26, 2008, there was not any contact between myself or any of my representatives with Governor Blagojevich or any of his representatives regarding my appointment to the United States Senate."

That's pretty clear cut. Maybe Blago is just trying to do the right thing and Burris can be a good pick.


Now that Burris is in the Senate his memories are getting clearer. It turns out he actually did talk to the Governor's brother/head fundraiser. The same brother/head fundraiser we heard Blago talking to to raise money for a potential F'in Golden Senate seat.

By the time Burris is asked if he would want the Senate seat the whole world knows that Blago tried to sell the seat. Anybody taking the appointment from Blago would be under a microscope of suspicion. The world knew phones were being tapped and conversations were being recorded.

And along comes Burris. He knew he had conversations about the F'in Golden Senate seat and fundraising yet he SIGNS a document to the contrary. Can you be any dumber?

These politicians have lowered the bar of acceptable politicals actions so low that the Archiologists at the Field Museum wouldn't be able to find it. So now for the next few weeks we'll be listening to Roland Burris state and restate everything he said and what he really meant when he said he said when he said it.

Illinois - Land of Lincoln and a whole lot of other stupid politicians. We're gonna need bigger license plates.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Priorities, Shmriorities

We all know now that Michael Phelps smoked something in a bong, A-Rod took steroids, Obama smoked pot, and a few politicians "forgot" or "under filed" their taxes. All very serious mistakes and all illegal. I've posted my opinions on some of these subjects as have others. Yet, I was taken aback by the following email I received from Jed and his child Tilly,

I have a comment from my littlest (by two minutes), Tilly.

There was some discussion at school and he wants to know what is the difference between Phelps smoking pot, sports players taking steroids or our new president Obama smoking pot. I believe all were federal crimes yet one can not only keep his job but his job is to run the federal government. We also have a treasury secretary who I believe runs the IRS who successfully cheated on his taxes.

My answer: I guess the American people expected more from their sports fans then their president and other politicians. Why is there a double standard? Presidents also seem immune to perjury charges too.

The reason this took me aback was, it was right. It made me think why I cared about Phelps and A-Rod for doing wrong yet never really mentioned being miffed about the world leaders.

I thought about this a lot. I realized that it wasn't just me. When I looked at the mainstream media they too were more interested in swimmers and baseball players than world leaders and policy makers.


Then it hit me. People look at sports stars and see people playing games. Games most of us have played at one point in our lives. We get angry at them because in some cases they have cheated at the game. Nobody likes a cheater. Especially when a cheater makes bus loads of money. I think, deep down people fantasize that they could be the super star athletes and that we would never cheat, given the chance. So athletes are living out many, not all, people's childhood dreams.

I can't say I ever pretended to play President when I was a kid. I never picked my friends to be in my cabinet. I was never chosen last to be Secretary of Veteran Affairs. I don't recall playing with my Johnny West ACTION FIGURES and pretending to write the State of the Union speech.

We can't relate to the world leaders because we really don't know what they do. We know how to swim, play baseball, football, basketball, hockey, drive cars, go bowling and many other games. Is this backwards, maybe. But, that's just how it is and probably always will be.

I don't think it means we don't care that our current President has tried drugs or the last President was an alcoholic and the one before that was a horny old dog. We just can't understand how those actions will effect them doing their jobs. Not to mention that, aside from Clinton, the bad actions happened well before they became President.

I, myself, might bite my tongue the next time an athlete messes up. I will evaluate the actions they have done and see how they impact my life. But, if I can get a juicy blog out of it look out!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Common Sense In D.C.?

I love when my readers send me blog ideas. My mind gets fried with all the stuff I'm working on. Today's blog idea was sent to me from Dora, not his or her real name.

Watch this video and be amazed at common sense making a very rare appearance in of all places, Washington D.C.

Congressman Don Manzullo of Illinois expressed the feelings of most Americans. How can the people chosen to fix the problems do so if they can't see the problems. Asking a wealthy person to determine if someone is being overpaid is like asking a fat person if someone is too heavy. They can't see outside their world.

Find me a mother of six who is working with a house budget and still is able to get the family to take a vacation. That's the kind of perspective this country needs to clean up this mess.

I understand the need to help businesses. But, who can afford to buy a car when things are so tough? The automakers will stay in business to make cars that people can't buy, huh?

The country is going to stimulate our economy, great. We are going to hear about pork spending, that would have happened no matter what. But, if this stimulus package doesn't work, what's next? There's not a Sham-Wow big enough to clean up the shhhhhhh Sham.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

No, Really, Who's Sorry NOW?

I have to comment on the news of Alex Rodriguez's new admission that he took steroids. Guess what?


He's sorry,


He was interviewed in 2007 by Katie Couric where he said in stoic clarity that he never took steroids because he felt no need to, period.

That was when all the secrets were still being kept.

Now the secrets have been leaked, and now the apologizing and high priced crapola spin is being spewed.

Well Mr. A-Rod, go sell your dung filled diatribe somewhere else. I'm not buying what you are selling. I've smelled better garbage when I visited a rotting landfill while working for Waste Management.

A-Lied is the highest paid baseball player ever. He owns a contract worth $275 million dollars. That contract replaced a $250 million contract. In my opinion, by signing that contract A-Lied is saying, "I am the best baseball player in the world, ever."

Let me count A-Lied's World Series Championship rings........


In his soul spilling confession A-Lied offers this gem as to why he did what he did.

"... I was young. I was stupid. I was naive."

He was not too young, too stupid, too naive to sign a contract worth a quarter billion dollars.

A-Lied is a hero to many young kids. In the wake of the other steroid users he rose above the ugly pile. Now we find he is just like the rest of the losers.

What gets under my skin is this. These guys get paid more money in one season then most people will see in their lifetime. They break the law, yes steroids are illegal, and they will not be reprimanded in any way. The cheaters are winning.

I guess the ones who are stupid and naive are us who love baseball.

Monday, February 09, 2009

Who's Sorry Now?

I apologize for not posting anything new last week. I'm really sorry for not posting and not selling a single T-shirt in the process. I'm tweaking that endeavor.

There was a lot of public apologizing last week. Michael Phelps, Christian Bale, and Etta James all offered regret about their actions. Well, sort of.

Etta James. Now her name was in the news because she was caught "ON TAPE" telling her audience she can't stand Beyonce. The 71 year old singer even went so far as to say she'd, "Whoop her ass"! All Beyonce did was remind the world who Etta James was by;
A. portraying her in a movie, "Cadillac Records."
B. by singing her famous song, "At Last" in front of PRESIDENT Obama during an inaugural ball.

Then Etta took it back by saying, "it was a joke." You're one funny lady Etta.

Then there was the explosive tirade by Christian Bale on the set of his movie. I'm not going to link to it as it is very raw. But, I will link this one from Jimmy Kimmel.
Here is what struck me as funny. The tirade actually happened last year, but the apologizing is happening now. How genuine. It raises the question, if a celebrity screws up and it's not caught on video or tape, did it really ever happen? I think Christian Bale is the real Joker here.

I can't give Michael Phelps a pass on this one. The golden boy got caught smoking a bong on camera. Some have said he got caught on purpose to somehow escape the pressures of stardom. This party was back in November and the apologies are coming in February. Again, I'm not feeling a true sense of regret for smoking a bong, but for getting caught smoking a bong.

All these people and even those politicians who got caught not paying their taxes. They are all sorry for getting caught not their mistakes. Phelps should have heard my 5 year old son telling people, "Michael Phelps did something very bad." He would have have lost more endorsement deals then he had. Then he really would have sorry.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

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