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Friday, February 27, 2009

You Want My Opinion, You Got It

Yesterday I posted things I've seen since my last blog. Some wanted more. Well, here goes.

I have to preface this blog with a note: I saw an interesting article in the Chicago Tribune. They printed a letter of soldier killed in Iraq. He was telling his friend why he felt it was important for him to be in Iraq. I encourage you to read it. Here is what I took from that soldier's words.
My blog is here because he was there. I could call former President Bush an ass because my speech is free and because he was one. That comment may seem melodramatic, but it's true. This country and all free countries have enemies. We, here, are so far away from them we can't comprehend what that means. Our soldiers are there, face to face, with the enemy and making sure the enemy stays far away. It is easy to get patriotic in July. I want to thank those soldiers every where for doing what they do. Iraq is in the public eye, but don't forget all the other places we have brave men and women.

Now, Roland Burris. There's one greedy little weasel. You have to watch this video from the good folks at WGN-TV Morning News. Watch the whole video they talk about Burris at the end.

Her plan to be famous has worked. Her plan to be sane is to be determined.

BORRRRRING. I had not seen any of the nominated film except for animation. Hugh Jackman is not a singer and is very close to melba toast. He can dance. Ok, so he's like melba toast with cream cheese on it. I saw 10 movies last year. My favorite, The Express. Animated, Kung Fu Panda.

The Cubs and Yankees will not be in the World Series. The White Sox will be better then last season. Manny Ramierez is a talented greedy little weasel. Manny will not be in the World Series.

The President
As he said, we have to forget how we got here. Blame will not help. I like the fact that the future budgets will be combed over to weed out TRILLIONS of dollars.

I have a real need for an Egg McMuffin ever since I mentioned it.


Diane said...

Love the Soldiers Letter. Nice perspective for sombody who has never experienced the military point of view. Too bad he never made it back home...

Tara said...

I agree with Diane, thanks for sharing that.

Never seen the Oscars, no need every channel and news outlet will shove them down my throat until I feel like I was there, lol.

Octomom..... newest news, she turned down a free offer of 24 hour care because the offer nixed her exploiting them on a reality show. I think her sanity has been determined, lol. Again I hope she doesn't get these babies.... she wants the attention and when she doesn't get it anymore I bet we will read about her drowning them in the bathtub to get her back in the spotlight. I don't buy for a minute that she has any maternal love for those innocent children.

Baseball.... is that the one with a bat?

Burris..... ROFLMAO those IL politicians sure do entertain :P