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Monday, March 02, 2009

Welcome To Equality

There are few things that irritate me in life. People who dress their pets, professional wrestling, Star Trekkie's who dress up, clowns, Jerry's Orphans, and people who throw down minority cards.

Of those, I've recently had to think about two a lot. I won't go into detail about Jerry's Orphans. You can visit this blog to I see how I feel (read the comments following the article). Also, read their response to my comments.

The other subject refers to the "Senator", Roland Burris. We all know Burris as the choice of former Illinois Hair Bag, Rod Blagojevich, to fill Barrack Obama's senate seat. Let me think, why is Blagojevich a former governor? Oh yeah, because he tried to sell that "F''in golden" senate seat. Anybody with a brain wave could figure out that whomever Blagojevich chose for the senate would be tainted by the stench of Blago greed. Roland Burris did not care. He wanted that seat and all that comes with it. He even signed a statement that he never spoke to Blagojevich or anyone connected with him. Because this was a "legal" nightmare, he was let in to the Senate.

Then the truth started coming out that Burris did in fact talk to somebody in the Blagojevich camp, Rod's brother Rob (how cute). Turns out Burris' son even got a state job prior to his Senate seat. That's an awful lot of contact with Blagojevich for a guy who swore there was no contact.

So now Burris is being raked over the coals for his selective memories by the news media. Local black politicians think he is being treated unfairly because he's black. All due respect to these politicians, but Burris is being treated like a politician with selective memory.

Burris could be a saint, but because he was hand picked by a scum bag he gets no free passes. I'm sorry, but please pick up all race cards off the table. In this state, if you play with dirt bags your hands are going to get dirty. The press and the people have every right to know how you got the pick from Blagojevich.

Burris is being treated just like anyone who was picked by Blagojevich. He is being treated fairly and equally as hard as any white, red, yellow, blue or purple American would be.


Scott Plocharczyk said...

Burris is getting the proper treatment in this situation.
However, there was an interesting story/study in the Tribune a couple weeks ago on how the media treats black and white politicians. The overall consensus was that blacks were dealt with harsher scrutiny and that whites in most cases were given a free ride.

Not Jesse Jackson said...

The same people who are defending Burris had no use for him before he got this gig. These people are race baiters and need this to be an issue to justify their existence.

Burris lied through his teeth and has no honor. His skin color means nothing. In actuality if he wasn't black Blago would have never appointed him.

Scott Plocharczyk said...

Remember Not Jesse, Burris wasn't even in Blago's top ten choices