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Thursday, July 17, 2014

LAPD On The Rocks

Happy July people.  I know my blog is like an abandoned mall in Bagdhad.  I'm sorry about that, but life trumps blogging.At least when I do blog you know its going to be important and not that I've switched from margarine back to butter.  Nothing against margarine, but if I can't believe its not butter, why not just eat butter.  But, I digress.The internet web tollway is a beautiful thing.  You can see people do some really dumb things for absolutely no reason at all.  However, you can also catch people do really dumb things for really good reasons too.Sadly, police officers get killed in the line of duty.  They all know that can happen and yet they still go to work each day to protect us from stupid people.  A paper cut is my biggest job risk and I still wear Kevlar gloves.  I'm not police material.

My cousin-in-law, LAPD Officer Korina Kozub Bavaro, is of a different breed.  Let me 'esplain Lucy.  Kori, as I will call her, recently was given The Ice Challenge.  The deal is, another officer challenges you to dump a bucket of ice water over your head for a donation to the Officer Down Memorial.  Sadly, this organization honors all who have died in the line of duty.  When Kori accepted the challenge she decided to raise the bar.  The challenge calls for A BUCKET of ice over the head.  Kori, who may or may not be good at following instructions, decided on A BUCKET for each fallen officer lost in 2014.  When she filmed her video the count was 61.  Its already gone up to 63.I ask that you watch her video and maybe donate to the cause.  At the least, give an officer a smile.Enjoy and ponder.