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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I Wish ...

I'm going to fly close to the edge here. I wish for this particular post that I was black. I say this only because I'm going to criticize some prominent black people. It is difficult for any white person to criticize a black person without the word "racist" to be brought up. But, I feel I must.

In recent weeks Jessie Jackson has displayed a tremendous amount of immaturity with his remarks about Obama. He has called for Obama's castration and used the big no no, THE N WORD, in reference to Obama. I'm sorry, but in my opinion, I feel Jessie Jackson is being a spoiled brat. Plain and simple, Jessie is jealous. Barack Obama, in political terms, is just a kid. Jackson ran two failed presidential campaigns in '84 and '88. Obama has run one and is the Demcratic nomonee. Jessie has to deal with the fact that more people like Obama. Jessie preaches to us, Obama speaks to us.

Another black individual that I'm going to criticize is rapper Ludacris. This rapper wrote a "song" about Obama. In this "song" he tries to praise Obama yet he blasts Clinton and McCain in very negative ways. If Ludacris has ever read a paper he would understand that Obama is not about bashing people down. He's about bringing people up. The theme of his whole being is about "Hope".

Jessie and Ludacris are only feeding the fire of those who oppose Obama. I recently blogged about how a relative of mine, Santa, still not his real name, heard first hand disgusting racial comments in the South. I was informed of another incident by another relative who I'll call Patton, not his real name.

"Patton was at Annual Training in Arkansas in June and he went out to lunch with a white fellow soldier. He jokingly asked the waitress to spit in his co-workers food and she looked pointedly at a table full of black soldiers and told Patton "wrong color" - insinuating that she would have done it if he had asked for it to happen to the black soldiers food, but not a white one."

When that waitress hears about the crap Jessie and Ludacris are spewing she'll get all happy and say, "See what those black people are doing to our country. No way I'm voting for a black." This is what needs to be stopped. Because Obama's message is so far away from that line of thought.

Racial thoughts hurt this country. From blacks and/or whites. They will hurt Obama's political race. Obama is running to be President of all America. Not black America, not white America. Can we please move into the 21st century and leave racism in the past?

Thursday, July 17, 2008

He's Still Black, He's Still Christian, He's Still Our Best Shot

Since this election is so important I thought I would expand my thoughts on Barack Obama.

A relative of mine, Santa (not his real name), emailed me that he had just returned from Florida. He shared some comments that he had heard some white voters express. Things along the lines of, "I'm not voting for no "f" 'ing N-word." (Their words not mine.)

Well well well I have news for the South.
The South aint risin' agin. (Misspellings intended)
As it was so perfectly pointed out in the movie, "A Night At The Museum", "the Civil War is over, the South loses, slavery bad. You get the Allman Brothers and NASCAR."

The South gave us two George Bush's. They gave us a lot more headstones at Arlington Cemetery. The Bush's are an oil family. Nobody is getting richer then oil companies right now. Those good ol' rich boys from the South are charging the rest of you Southerners the same amount for gas as us up North. Read it here. So go ahead and vote for McCain, he's just a mini-Bush.

And let's not forget about that War over in Iraq. Your Southern president is sending our best soldiers through a sausage grinder. Soldiers are coming home in coffins from EVERY state in the union with a slant to the South. Read it here.

Soldiers from all backgrounds have given their lives in support of the Bush Boy's Pissing Contest. Because they believed in this country they joined and fought. Brave soldiers throughout this great country's history have fought and died. 1,314,075 in fact have died for this country. And some people have the gall to say, "I'm not voting for no "f" 'ing N-word."

Those who share those thoughts should vote for McCain and then enlist.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

He's Black, He's Christian, He's Our Best Shot

This blog was a special request. Now, before all 5 of my readers start making requests, I was already thinking about the following subject.

Anybody that gets email has gotten the famous emails. Tommy Hilfinger on Oprah, Money from Microsoft, AOL, or Disney for Forwarding, Boycott Pepsi (or Dr. Pepper) because they edited the "Pledge of Allegiance", or the most critical to all Americans, Barack Obama Is Muslim.

CNN ran this video about the subject;

Barack Obama is a threat to the way things are done in politics. You know how I know this?


Washington DC has done things the way they wanted for a few hundred years. For the most part all things have been done by white men. Democrats and Republicans, white and white. They have kind of a club. Sure blacks and women and all others are allowed in, but they have never been in charge.

Barack Obama is a smart man and he is a tremendous speaker. When he speaks people have a tendency to listen to what he is saying, not that a black man is saying it. The old guard of DC is worried because Obama has people thinking.

The old guard doesn't like when people think. So the old guard has to knock Obama off his pedestle. Here is what the old guard is thinking:
"People don't mind he's young.
People don't mind he's black.
He's Christian, people like that.
He's smart, but people don't care about brains, they elected Bush twice.
He's happily married to a smart attractive woman, people respect that.
Hey, what's his middle name? HUSSEIN! Jackpot!
We went into Iraq because of a guy, a Muslim, named Hussein, ergo Obama is a Muslim."
(Ok, the old guard never says, "ergo" so sue me.)

People who are afraid of Obama needed something to slow down his momentum. They assume everyone hates Muslims, so they played the Hussein card.

Here is a list of rumors all about Barack Obama.
Snopes on Obama

I like Barack Obama because he seems like the kind of guy that can get our country moving forward again. I don't care what his name is as long as it's not Bush.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Can I Play With You Guys? How 'bout You? You? You? You?

I read a great article today about Barry Bonds. His agent is truly scratching his head as to why NO major league baseball team wants him to play baseball this year.

What part of his character does he not understand? The Giants basically used him last year for as much PR as they could squeeze out of a stinky old sock. While Bonds may technically be the home run champ, baseball now sees him for what he really is, a cheating bully.

Bonds knows the truth. The rest of the world knows the truth. His agent, is a stupid fool.

The run to the HR record was worth millions of dollars of free PR. Just like the race to break Roger Maris' 61 HR mark was a PR circus. Even I was swept up in the PR cavalcade. I even kinda liked Sammy Sosa.

But, then we were all embarrassed when Toto pulled the curtain away from the Wonderful Wizards of Ah's. I felt cheated for having spent some of my baseball emotions on two big stupid pimpled face chemical pumping cheaters.

Then Bonds kept going towards the Grand Prize of baseball, HR leader. Despite the fact that the whole world knew he was a "roid rider" he kept going. He would get mad because he wasn't getting the respect HE thought he deserved.


Now his agent is totally perplexed why nobody wants to play with Barry. I'm sure his agent also wonders why nobody accepts dinner party invitations from Hannibal Lecter or that no one lets Dr. Kevorkian babysit for them.

Baseball, like any game, is at its best when everybody is playing fair and by the rules. Today's professional game is a billion dollar business and the players who worked their butts off to get there deserve every penny they make. But it starts out a kid's game. And kids deserve to have players they can look up to and dream about being like.

The Bonds', the Sosa's, and the McGuire's stole some baseball emotions from millions of fans. Barry Bonds should use his free time to think about all those dreams he shattered. And his agent should get a clue.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Coffee?, I Don't Need Your Stinking Coffee

Have you heard that Starbucks was closing 600 stores?
Here are some future headlines.
Google To Downsize!
Oil Companies Profits Slip, Shed Staff.
Wal-Mart merges with Target, bullseye.

All big public companies grow and then pop. Starbucks is just the latest balloon. I do not drink coffee, never have, never will. If I did, the last place you'd find me sipping a cup of Joe would be at Starbucks. I read this article by a one-time Starbucks fan. His article just verified my thoughts. Starbucks got rich giving the customer an experience. When the experience started to effect the bottom-line, the experience got cheaper.

Big companies love to be successful. Everybody wants a piece of the action. Employees are happy. Managers are happy. Stockholders are happy. Customers are happy. For awhile, anyway.

Time is the killer. Because as each year passes by, everybody wants, MORE.
In business MORE does not and cannot make everybody happy. Businesses tend to focus on giving the stockholders MORE. MORE value for their investment. This happens naturally when MORE customers come on board. But, when the numbers start to flatten the MORE has to come from somewhere else.

MORE can be created by making LESS. LESS costs means MORE profit. Or MORE can be created with higher prices. However, these options tend to make employees and/or customers not so happy. Which means the two entities that made the companies great, employees and customers, are LESS happy.

Everybody wants and usually deserves MORE. We just have to remember our want for MORE will usually mean LESS for somebody else.

I do not begrudge anyone to have all that they desire. I've been on both sides of the MORE/LESS equation. There is a line in a song, "What goes up must come down". Nothing lasts forever. Things only last as long as stockholders are willing to support them.

Now, I must go for a Vanilla Chia Latte.