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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

He's Black, He's Christian, He's Our Best Shot

This blog was a special request. Now, before all 5 of my readers start making requests, I was already thinking about the following subject.

Anybody that gets email has gotten the famous emails. Tommy Hilfinger on Oprah, Money from Microsoft, AOL, or Disney for Forwarding, Boycott Pepsi (or Dr. Pepper) because they edited the "Pledge of Allegiance", or the most critical to all Americans, Barack Obama Is Muslim.

CNN ran this video about the subject;

Barack Obama is a threat to the way things are done in politics. You know how I know this?


Washington DC has done things the way they wanted for a few hundred years. For the most part all things have been done by white men. Democrats and Republicans, white and white. They have kind of a club. Sure blacks and women and all others are allowed in, but they have never been in charge.

Barack Obama is a smart man and he is a tremendous speaker. When he speaks people have a tendency to listen to what he is saying, not that a black man is saying it. The old guard of DC is worried because Obama has people thinking.

The old guard doesn't like when people think. So the old guard has to knock Obama off his pedestle. Here is what the old guard is thinking:
"People don't mind he's young.
People don't mind he's black.
He's Christian, people like that.
He's smart, but people don't care about brains, they elected Bush twice.
He's happily married to a smart attractive woman, people respect that.
Hey, what's his middle name? HUSSEIN! Jackpot!
We went into Iraq because of a guy, a Muslim, named Hussein, ergo Obama is a Muslim."
(Ok, the old guard never says, "ergo" so sue me.)

People who are afraid of Obama needed something to slow down his momentum. They assume everyone hates Muslims, so they played the Hussein card.

Here is a list of rumors all about Barack Obama.
Snopes on Obama

I like Barack Obama because he seems like the kind of guy that can get our country moving forward again. I don't care what his name is as long as it's not Bush.


bill a said...

i thought the new yorker magazine cover was great. it is a picture of the smear compaign.

Scott Ploch said...

The biggest problem has been that there hasn't been a "qualified" black or woman to run for president until this year.
Obama is a man for all the people. I had hoped he would've waited one more election but seeing the dire straights Bush put us in he had to run now

bill a said...

what scares them more that anything is that he is bringing people together, rather that dividing them. he is a threat to the way they do business. "A house divided against itself cannot stand."