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Thursday, July 17, 2008

He's Still Black, He's Still Christian, He's Still Our Best Shot

Since this election is so important I thought I would expand my thoughts on Barack Obama.

A relative of mine, Santa (not his real name), emailed me that he had just returned from Florida. He shared some comments that he had heard some white voters express. Things along the lines of, "I'm not voting for no "f" 'ing N-word." (Their words not mine.)

Well well well I have news for the South.
The South aint risin' agin. (Misspellings intended)
As it was so perfectly pointed out in the movie, "A Night At The Museum", "the Civil War is over, the South loses, slavery bad. You get the Allman Brothers and NASCAR."

The South gave us two George Bush's. They gave us a lot more headstones at Arlington Cemetery. The Bush's are an oil family. Nobody is getting richer then oil companies right now. Those good ol' rich boys from the South are charging the rest of you Southerners the same amount for gas as us up North. Read it here. So go ahead and vote for McCain, he's just a mini-Bush.

And let's not forget about that War over in Iraq. Your Southern president is sending our best soldiers through a sausage grinder. Soldiers are coming home in coffins from EVERY state in the union with a slant to the South. Read it here.

Soldiers from all backgrounds have given their lives in support of the Bush Boy's Pissing Contest. Because they believed in this country they joined and fought. Brave soldiers throughout this great country's history have fought and died. 1,314,075 in fact have died for this country. And some people have the gall to say, "I'm not voting for no "f" 'ing N-word."

Those who share those thoughts should vote for McCain and then enlist.


bill a said...

I know it is not intended as that, but, "he's still our best shot", sounds apologetic. I beleive, he is, far and away, the best candidate.

Scott Ploch said...

His intelligence and open mind offset his lack of experience.

Mark Plocharczyk said...

No apologies, just hope.

bill a said...

great blog, great last sentence.

Mark Plocharczyk said...

I kinda liked that one myself.

Anonymous said...

Well we let Clinton run and we all know what he is like with his wife running the show as is...I do however feel we should give this guy a chance even though he is seriously lacking experience, but hey, why not? I do hope the racism stops but we all know it won't unfortunately. We the people can only help our children to like everyone equally and that alone will make a difference with time. That just goes with teaching our precious ones the difference of having their own opinion and what is really right and deciding who they get to know and can make the decision to like them or not and just because we don't like one person, doesn't mean we have to hate everyone.

Mark Ploch said...

It is OK to not like someone. You just can't let it be about their color, race, ethnicity or whatever.