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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I Wish ...

I'm going to fly close to the edge here. I wish for this particular post that I was black. I say this only because I'm going to criticize some prominent black people. It is difficult for any white person to criticize a black person without the word "racist" to be brought up. But, I feel I must.

In recent weeks Jessie Jackson has displayed a tremendous amount of immaturity with his remarks about Obama. He has called for Obama's castration and used the big no no, THE N WORD, in reference to Obama. I'm sorry, but in my opinion, I feel Jessie Jackson is being a spoiled brat. Plain and simple, Jessie is jealous. Barack Obama, in political terms, is just a kid. Jackson ran two failed presidential campaigns in '84 and '88. Obama has run one and is the Demcratic nomonee. Jessie has to deal with the fact that more people like Obama. Jessie preaches to us, Obama speaks to us.

Another black individual that I'm going to criticize is rapper Ludacris. This rapper wrote a "song" about Obama. In this "song" he tries to praise Obama yet he blasts Clinton and McCain in very negative ways. If Ludacris has ever read a paper he would understand that Obama is not about bashing people down. He's about bringing people up. The theme of his whole being is about "Hope".

Jessie and Ludacris are only feeding the fire of those who oppose Obama. I recently blogged about how a relative of mine, Santa, still not his real name, heard first hand disgusting racial comments in the South. I was informed of another incident by another relative who I'll call Patton, not his real name.

"Patton was at Annual Training in Arkansas in June and he went out to lunch with a white fellow soldier. He jokingly asked the waitress to spit in his co-workers food and she looked pointedly at a table full of black soldiers and told Patton "wrong color" - insinuating that she would have done it if he had asked for it to happen to the black soldiers food, but not a white one."

When that waitress hears about the crap Jessie and Ludacris are spewing she'll get all happy and say, "See what those black people are doing to our country. No way I'm voting for a black." This is what needs to be stopped. Because Obama's message is so far away from that line of thought.

Racial thoughts hurt this country. From blacks and/or whites. They will hurt Obama's political race. Obama is running to be President of all America. Not black America, not white America. Can we please move into the 21st century and leave racism in the past?


small cap stock research said...

very nice! hahahahaha

Scott Ploch said...

It's a great thought but until all those over 65 die off racism will never disappear.
Aside from the N-word, Jackson wanted to be what Obama is now. I thought he had a chance back in the 80's but he just never captured all whites or turned off more blacks. He's become a jealous old man.