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Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Happy Birthday Mr. Butkus

It is 2015 and the world seems to be in chaos.  I don't mean to minimize the seriousness of the world's problems, but I would like to escape them for a little while.

I happened to see that today, Dec. 9th, is former Chicago Bear legend, Dick Butkus' birthday.  On Facebook I posted a comment,

"A former Bear I truly would enjoy sitting and watching a game with."

Well, that made me start to think.  Which, current or former, Chicago Bear would I invite to my house to watch a game?  I'm going to keep it to living people, because if Walter Payton was here people would just swamp him.

My list, in no particular order or reason.

Dick Butkus
Mike Ditka
Dan Hampton
Charles Tilman
Mike Singletary
Jim McMahon
Matt Forte
Matt Suhey
Tom Thayer
Doug Plank
Brian Urlacher
Roland Harper
Leslie Frazier

This is my list.  I just think having a beer eating some snacks and watching a game talking football would be a blast.

Please share with me who you'd like to watch a game with.  Doesn't have to be a Chicago Bear.