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Thursday, May 31, 2012

One Small Drop Of Rain

I have always had a vision of myself as being someone who likes to help others.  I have little money, but I try to pick and chose where to place my donations.  I have lots of time, and I willingly give my time to anybody that can benefit from it.  I have knowledge, and if what I know can help someone I happily share.

But, as the days go by I seem to be needing more help than I can give.  And I know I'm not alone.  I, like many Americans, didn't do anything wrong, yet now my home is considered worth far less than before.  If I had decided to replace my roof with Play-Doh and install a backyard mud pit I could understand the lose of value.  But, nope, all I've done is pay my mortgage and other bills on time every year.

We hear on the news about all the billions of dollars being spent to help shore up the banking industry and other industries, yet here we are.  Hard working Americans dog paddling in our country's oceans of debt.  I say oceans of debt because they keep describing people's home mortgages as being underwater.  Where else are all those houses going to fit?

When I look at my  mortgage and credit card bills I get depressed.  I'm paying out a ton of money and most of what I'm paying is interest.  So all those banks that received bailout (again with the water imagery) money from us are still needing all our interest.

If I had no credit card or mortgage bill I'd be a happy man.  I thought there are probably many people out there like me getting stuck behind a variety of financial hurdles.  People that would have plenty if they weren't constantly giving their money to banks.  

I said to myself, 
"There should be an organization to help people jump their financial hurdles."  
I replied,
"Yeah, that'd be so cool."
Then I asked myself,
"Why don't you start one?"
And I said, "WHAT?"
To which I then replied,
"You never listen to me." I said, "Why don't you start one?"
I couldn't think of any reason why not.

And so it was born, Many Small Miracles.

Have you every wished you could get ahead financially? 

That maybe you'd find an envelope full of cash with a note on it that read, 
"This belongs to whoever finds it."

Have you ever thought about the power of wind and water?

Both, mightily abundant and powerful. The wind, when given the time to do so, can blow away mountains. A single drop of rain is harmless, yet a storm of falling rain can destroy cities. Rivers of water, over millions of years, have carved out breathtaking canyons on our Earth.

What if we applied these principles to helping people financially?

$1 from one person, while generous, might only solve a small problem. However, if a million people gave $1, many problems for many people could be helped.
This is the goal of Many Small Miracles

I was inspired by the life's work of Mother Theresa. She helped many by doing small things. Eventually, all the small things evolved into some very large ways to help people.

"We can do no great things, only small things with great love." 
~ Mother Teresa

Here's the request. 
Donate $1 to Many Small Miracles.

Share this request to everyone you know.
Share a story of someone that could use a little help getting over a hump in life if they had a little extra money.

Here's the Promise. 
I will use whatever resources become available to Many Small Miracles to help as many people as is possible.

Let's see if we can all become a river of generosity forging new paths of happiness to people down on their luck.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Hey Hey, Ho Ho, The Phony Protesters Have Got To Go

I am ALL for Freedom of Speech.  In fact, this weekend in Chicago, the NATO Summit is the center stage display of this right.  The city is abuzz with tons of protesters exercising their right speak freely.

However, the city is also abuzz with wannabe anarchists that think destroying property and injuring police officers is their right as well.  They're wrong, stupid and cowardly buffoons.

This video demonstrates my point.  Aside from the crowd of photographers, you'll notice these Freedom Frauds ripping up a NATO sign, "Yeah, damn the advertisers!" and taking joy and/or cheap shots at a downed bike cop.
What really gets my boxers in a bunch is the protesters wearing face masks.  They want the world to their actions, but "I have to hide my face in case anyone from book club sees me."

If you got a beef with the world say it, you have Freedom of Speech.  Martin Luther King never hid behind a mask and he got a lot done.  You do not have Freedom of Destruction, that is what criminals do.  I guess I understand the face masks now.