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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Hey Hey, Ho Ho, The Phony Protesters Have Got To Go

I am ALL for Freedom of Speech.  In fact, this weekend in Chicago, the NATO Summit is the center stage display of this right.  The city is abuzz with tons of protesters exercising their right speak freely.

However, the city is also abuzz with wannabe anarchists that think destroying property and injuring police officers is their right as well.  They're wrong, stupid and cowardly buffoons.

This video demonstrates my point.  Aside from the crowd of photographers, you'll notice these Freedom Frauds ripping up a NATO sign, "Yeah, damn the advertisers!" and taking joy and/or cheap shots at a downed bike cop.
What really gets my boxers in a bunch is the protesters wearing face masks.  They want the world to their actions, but "I have to hide my face in case anyone from book club sees me."

If you got a beef with the world say it, you have Freedom of Speech.  Martin Luther King never hid behind a mask and he got a lot done.  You do not have Freedom of Destruction, that is what criminals do.  I guess I understand the face masks now.

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PeaKay40 said...

It's the same everywhere, the destroyers get all the publicity and the real protesters just keep marching from place to place and hope they'll be heard.