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Thursday, October 07, 2010

Are You Kidding Me?

I've made no secret here about my opinions of the once popular Steve Dahl. While he's no longer on the air waves he does grasp for life on the internet. Dahl has a podcasted daily show during the week. Podcasts are recordings you can listen to over the internet. Popular podcasts cost money to hear. Dahl's is free of charge if you don't consider the time you'll never get back while listening.

I generally do not listen to his bore fests. However, he does talk to former Chicago Bear great, Tom Thayer to recap the Chicago Bears game each week. Thayer describes the games with passion, humility, honesty and great humor. The great advantage to listening to a podcast is that you can fast forward past the things you don't want to listen to. In my case, that would be Dahl and cast of moronic Remora fish that feed off his bloated ego.

This week just before Thayer joined the show Dahl was discussing the Bears game and the Breast Cancer Awareness events that took place prior to the game. The entire NFL was just doing whatever they could to raise awareness of breast cancer. Nothing obtrusive, many players had pink incorporated to their uniforms, coaches wore hats with pink and the National Anthem featured actual breast cancer survivors on the field forming a pink ribbon. Very inspiring.

Apparently Dahl was put off by this display of awareness. He stated that he knows someone that has had breast cancer so, "He's Aware". He doesn't need all the "Hoopla" to remind him breast cancer is out there. He thought it was a bad idea for Bears QB Jay Cutler to have a pink "C" on his uniform. That just shows you how "Aware" Dahl is. Cutler didn't have a pink "C" on him, it was the orange "C" he has every week denoting he's a team captain.

Dahl is so out of touch from reality he makes Oprah seem personable. He surrounds himself with idiots that laugh at whatever he says. It just irritates me when a blob like Dahl feels his football entertainment is more important than a display of awareness.

I too know many, too many, that have been effected by breast cancer. I've known some that have died too. I know the strain it puts on family members and holes it leaves in peoples lives when a loved one dies. If a simple display of awareness inspires a few women to get screened for breast cancer and hopefully avoid the worst I'm in favor 100%.

As for Dahl, who cares. Until cancer directly effects him he won't give a damn about anyone or anything. Because I care about people in general, I wont wish bad luck on him.

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