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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

You Gotta Spend Money To Make Little Money

In Chicago there have been two stories in the news regarding "questionable" fund raising events and organizations.

The first was about a "Caddyshack" Reunion golf event to raise money for military families. The second was about a charity with Chicago legend, Mike Ditka's, name on it, Ditka Hall of Fame Trust Fund.

Both stories were pointing out, in part, the costs involved of the charity golf outings each group was sponsoring. The Ditka story pointed out the irony of paying appearance fees to current and former football players to help raise money for former football players in need.

Both stories fail to criticize the people ASKING FOR AND TAKING the appearance fees.

I have had some experience with fund raising and charity events. In the end, its all about money. It is great to raise money. And to raise a lot of money you either need a lot of great volunteers and/or a big name draw (aka a celebrity or a sports figure). These are the facts.

I'm not suggesting these people should be doing all these events for free. I just want people to know that even charities have costs. You can look here to see which charity does the most for your money.

I have personally benefited from three major charities, Catholic Charities, the Muscular Dystrophy Association and the Shriners Hospital. While my family and I have received thousands of dollars in assistance we were never asked for a penny in return. Without these three charities I probably would have died many years ago at most or be extremely sheltered at least. And I would have never met my son.

While I doubt any big name celebrities or sports figures read my blog I will still offer this message. Even though your appearance might be adding tens of thousands to the total collected remember the bigger your check the less that charity can do for others.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

How Do You Arrest The Politically Correct Police?

I have an open mind. I have the ability to see both sides of any story. So it is rare for me to find a story that I just shake my head and say, "come on". Well, today is one of those days.

Apparently, Santa can no longer laugh his trademark "Ho Ho Ho" while in Australia. Those down under are afraid that Santa might be insulting women.


Unless Paris Hilton, Lindsey Lohan and Brittney Spears are walking side-by-side in a mall I can't think of any woman who would think St. Nick was dis'ing them.

Better keep those three away from the Home Depot gardening centers too.

I am not a woman, of this I am 100% sure. I am almost as certain most women, upon seeing Kris Kringle, would be smart enough to know they are not being called a slang name.

This is just another example of how some people think others are very stupid. Santa is not the one being disrespectful to women in this case, but those telling Santa to stop saying, "Ho Ho Ho", are being disrespectful to women. They are making an assumption that women aren't smart enough to figure out why a man dressed like Father Christmas is loudly saying, "Ho Ho Ho".

And since when did we start accepting slang as part of the mainstream language? I think Hostess should have a say in this. Who doesn't like a box of Ho-Ho's?

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Crazy World

As I write this President Bush is on TV telling the world to fear Iran. I fear Bush more than I do Iran.

In the past week there was a certain event that proves we need to have a better understanding of the Muslim world.

I'm referring to the case where followers of the Islamic faith were calling for the DEATH of a British teacher because she allowed her students to name a teddy bear "Muhammad." In America teachers have sex with students and end up the movie of the week. There are some huge cultural gaps here that make the Grand Canyon look like a crack in the sidewalk.

Yet, we think we can help create peace in this region.

I don't know where we can begin. Some say blow them all up and let God sort it out later. The opposite of that would be better diplomatic discussions. But, we have to be careful either way because we make the assumption that all we see and hear on the news is truly the way it is.

I used to work with a great guy who was from Pakistan. He was Muslim and I am Catholic. We would have such great discussions about our cultures. One thing he told me, though, was what we see on TV is quite distorted from the reality of the country. He said, and granted this was over ten years ago, that there are many regular folks in the Middle East just living life. They are not out protesting against the USA, but just raising families. We very seldom see this side of the Muslim world. It's hard to hate people when they're just normal folks.

Now, please please please, do not think for one minute I endorse the actions of those who called for her death. I would, however, think twice before opening a Build-A-Bear franchise in the Sudan.