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Friday, October 06, 2017

Our Forefathers Who Art In Heaven

This has been a crazy bizarre few weeks. We've seen natural and man made disasters and we've seen people trying to express their beliefs in peaceful ways.

Two things continue to be brought up.
1. Should people be punished for exercising their free speech.
2. Should people be restricted on gun and/or gun accessory purchases.

Some people absolutely REFUSE common sense or any gun control and/or any changes to the 2nd Amendment. They argue the Constitution is sacred and our founding fathers would disapprove.

Yet, many of those same people argue it should be illegal to do anything against the American flag, i.e. burning it, ignoring it, or disrespecting the flag. Basically, they want to change the 1st Amendment and restrict free speech.

To me restricting gun usage has the potential to save more people than restricting free speech usage. When has anybody been sent to the ER for spoken word wounds? Even with a bullhorn, words spoken from 400 yards away are nonlethal.

When will wake up and truly realize we have the power to save people with simple actions. Some will say stricter gun regulations would not have prevented many of the recent tragedies. I counter by saying we will never stop these disasters by doing nothing.

Our Constitution is a flexible document. It was designed to help us be as free as possible together not free and isolated in various groups.

WE decide how this country will evolve. That is what our forefathers had in mind when they decided change was needed.