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Friday, July 11, 2008

Can I Play With You Guys? How 'bout You? You? You? You?

I read a great article today about Barry Bonds. His agent is truly scratching his head as to why NO major league baseball team wants him to play baseball this year.

What part of his character does he not understand? The Giants basically used him last year for as much PR as they could squeeze out of a stinky old sock. While Bonds may technically be the home run champ, baseball now sees him for what he really is, a cheating bully.

Bonds knows the truth. The rest of the world knows the truth. His agent, is a stupid fool.

The run to the HR record was worth millions of dollars of free PR. Just like the race to break Roger Maris' 61 HR mark was a PR circus. Even I was swept up in the PR cavalcade. I even kinda liked Sammy Sosa.

But, then we were all embarrassed when Toto pulled the curtain away from the Wonderful Wizards of Ah's. I felt cheated for having spent some of my baseball emotions on two big stupid pimpled face chemical pumping cheaters.

Then Bonds kept going towards the Grand Prize of baseball, HR leader. Despite the fact that the whole world knew he was a "roid rider" he kept going. He would get mad because he wasn't getting the respect HE thought he deserved.


Now his agent is totally perplexed why nobody wants to play with Barry. I'm sure his agent also wonders why nobody accepts dinner party invitations from Hannibal Lecter or that no one lets Dr. Kevorkian babysit for them.

Baseball, like any game, is at its best when everybody is playing fair and by the rules. Today's professional game is a billion dollar business and the players who worked their butts off to get there deserve every penny they make. But it starts out a kid's game. And kids deserve to have players they can look up to and dream about being like.

The Bonds', the Sosa's, and the McGuire's stole some baseball emotions from millions of fans. Barry Bonds should use his free time to think about all those dreams he shattered. And his agent should get a clue.


Scott Ploch said...

Are you that naive to think his agent has no clue? They know the reasons but they can't say, "Barry is not playing because he's cheater." It's also time to get over this whole Barry thing. It's done and over with. You could've wrote about Jimmy's playing baseball, since you put his picture up, but you wasted time writing about Bonds. Guys like you keep reminding us about him, let him fade away. Stop writing about him.

bill a said...

will the three of them make the hall of fame or forever in the hall of shame?

Scott Ploch said...

Sadly, Bonds will sue MLB for collusion on not signing him and win millions. I think McGuire and Sammy get in because they're well liked. Bonds is despised.

Mark Plocharczyk said...

I was just pointing out how stupid his agent comes off.

None of them will be 1st ballot entries into the Hall, but they'll get in at some point.

Anonymous said...

I think a club should sign him to sell peanuts.