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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Rush To Judgment

Yesterday I mentioned things that irritate me. I forgot one, Rush Limbaugh.

If you haven't seen his current gas passing, please watch the following.

The first thing that struck me about the video was that black is not always a slimming color. The next thing was that Rush Limbaugh looks like the girl from Willy Wonka who turns into a blueberry, except he is a blueberry that is rotten and black.

But, I digress.

Rush just flat out hopes the President of our United States fails. Well, isn't that a nice way to help the country move forward. Rush goes on to say that Democrats wanted Bush to fail. I disagree. Bush is, was and always be a failure, Democrats just let him know. I never wanted the war in Iraq to fail because that would mean U.S. soldier's lives would have been wasted for nothing. I never wanted the war in Iraq, period. But, since Bush was dead set on killing Saddam he made a war. That meant we had to support the troops, not the President.

This country is in the biggest economic mess since the Great Depression. There are many, many people to blame for how we got here. I'm sure many people disagree with the mind blowing numbers being spent to try and fix the problem. This country doesn't need verbalizing swine cheering for this country's failure. Do conservatives really believe the President wants to take the steps he is taking? No, people like Rush are just having a really long tantrum about the fact that they lost the election and the wealthy are being selected for higher taxes.

Boo Freakin' Hoo Limbaugh!

Instead of rallying your mindless rump rubbing followers against the country, how about offering some ideas that can help solve the problems. For the record, I don't like the bailouts for all these corporations. But, I do believe things would be worse if we did nothing. I also don't think the leaders are trying to take over all these businesses forever. Also for the record, I think Rush Limbaugh is gelatinous bag of pus.

Bottom line. This is our country. We pull together to solve problems. Rush, either pull up your sleeves and help or pull up your pants and let your butt kissing followers take a break.


Tara said...

He is scary. Even more scary- 20 MILLION people listen to him. That is scary.

Cousin Linda said...

My sentiments exactly.
You're the best.
Except then there is your brother who is pretty good too.

Scott Plocharczyk said...

Rush is looking like a slicked up mortician.
Somehow I don't think the republicans want him as their mouthpiece. His venom is not as strong as it once was so he spews out so people don't forget him.
We all know there are people out there who want Obama to fail, but many of them couldn't tell you why. They just say so because Rush said.

Not Jesse Jackson said...

I think Limbaugh wants Obama's policies to fail because he believes that they are going to harm the nation more than help.

Whether one choses to agree with him is a matter of choice. I think his detractors wish to paint him in as negative of a light as possible.

Personally, I have zero confidence in Obama or anyone else in Washington of solving things. Much of their stupidity is to blame for where we are at today.

I am not a big fan or detractor of Limbaugh. He is exercsing his freedom or speech just like folks who oppose him. Those who do oppose him must fear him if they are so worked up about it.

Mark Ploch said...

I will never fear a drug addict.

Ernest T. Bass said...

I like eggs.

Uncle Fester said...

I find it ironic how when President Bush was being insulted daily with very hateful language and imagery that he was fair game.

Now that Obama is President everyone needs to fall in line and give him our 100% support. His press secretary is already acting like no one has the right to question the man.

I guess Obama must have got used to having the media in his back pocket during the election and expects more of the same treatment.

Poor baby. If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.

Mark Ploch said...

Criticism and hoping for failure are two big different things.

Uncle Fester said...


You seem like a smart guy. Take some time to find out the real reason that Limbaugh wants Obama to fail. He is against Obama's policies.

Mark Ploch said...

So are a lot of people. It doesn't make it alright to whip a crowd up into frenzy and call for failure.

That's dangerous and irresponsible.

Scott Plocharczyk said...

Uncle Fester your point is valid to a certain level. However, as Limberger says he wants Obama to fail is very different than not agreeing with his policy.
If Obama fails then Rush and 15 million more people are out of work.
If Limberger is so grandiose, why hasn't the republican party unanimously embraced him?

bill said...

whats truly ironic is that we can thank george bush for the change that obama campaigned on.

so many people re-evaluated their politics as a result of his policies.

it doesn't get more ironic that that.

i can only hope that rush gets a lot of airtime, and creates a smiliar irony, where still more people will re-evalute their politics.

scott, "slicked up mortician", love it, R.I.P. NeoCons.

Anonymous said...

There she blows.....blame Bush.

It's all the rage.

Mark Ploch said...

Why was the 380 billion Bush handed out OK, but now Obama has to cut spending?