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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Common Sense In D.C.?

I love when my readers send me blog ideas. My mind gets fried with all the stuff I'm working on. Today's blog idea was sent to me from Dora, not his or her real name.

Watch this video and be amazed at common sense making a very rare appearance in of all places, Washington D.C.

Congressman Don Manzullo of Illinois expressed the feelings of most Americans. How can the people chosen to fix the problems do so if they can't see the problems. Asking a wealthy person to determine if someone is being overpaid is like asking a fat person if someone is too heavy. They can't see outside their world.

Find me a mother of six who is working with a house budget and still is able to get the family to take a vacation. That's the kind of perspective this country needs to clean up this mess.

I understand the need to help businesses. But, who can afford to buy a car when things are so tough? The automakers will stay in business to make cars that people can't buy, huh?

The country is going to stimulate our economy, great. We are going to hear about pork spending, that would have happened no matter what. But, if this stimulus package doesn't work, what's next? There's not a Sham-Wow big enough to clean up the shhhhhhh Sham.


Scott Plocharczyk said...

I don't think anyone has a true solution to fix this mess. Perhaps the only solution is time itself.

We all know common sense would help but that will not happen.

The more I see things it appears the president, no matter who the person is, has no real power to do anything. Congress and the Senate are the ones with the agendas so damn the people.

Until the lower and middle classes of this country are able get in these positions, will never happen, we're at the mercy of our so called representatives.

The Daredevil said...

Wow! Now that Obama is the Prez how some folks opinions change. When Bush was in charge he would be blamed for this whole mess regardless of those buffoons in Congress and the Senate.

The only way that real jobs will ever be created is through the private sector. Creating more (and in many cases temporary) government jobs is not the answer.

I say suspend both the personal income tax and capital gains tax for 2 years. This would provide a greater boost to the economy than some pork laden stimulus plan.

I do agree that "common sense" is and has been for over 40 years on very short supply in D.C.

bill said...

scott, he has to use the pulpit, like FDR and Truman did, to expose them and educate the public in order to get them to change.

also, we should be able to vote for policy and not just representatives.

daredevil, i will give you that, who could still be an apologist for bush?

Mark Ploch said...

I'm not giving up or dissing Obama. Scott is right that the President doesn't have as much power as we think. But, that is by design and a good thing. I've never been a big Pelosi fan and she, at times, seems very smug.

Still happy Bush is far away.

The Daredevil said...

I am not an apologist for Bush. He is just another politician in my book. I just hope the media holds Obama to the same standards as they did Bush.

You have 2/3 of the public that is against the stimulus in it's present form, yet these arrogant simpletons in D.C. still want to pass it.

The problem Obama has is that he a) has to payback his liberal supporters and b) he has no real clue how capitalism works. He is (and always has been) an advocate of government spending. Look at his voting record.

Scott Plocharczyk said...

Here is a spectacular story with too much common sense.

Mark Ploch said...

Smart + honest = profits for many

It must be a scam, that can't work.

Anonymous said...

Daredevil seems to be a Republican.
All they seem to understand is Tax breaks and Capital Gains being removed so the fat cats can get fatter. We put up with Bush for 8 disasterous years and now it would be nice if those fat cats would give the President a chance before pitching the same old tax breaks for the rich again.
We've never been so bad off before and NOBODY knows how to fix it at this point.
God Bless anyone who will step up and into this mess.

The Daredevil said...


Yes, I am a Republican (though I have to admit that the GOP needs a makeover). This whole idea of the government being our sugar daddy started with a Democrat President (LBJ) with the "Great Society"

Tara said...

"Find me a mother of six who is working with a house budget and still is able to get the family to take a vacation"

I don't know all that comes to mind when I read that sentence is a very scary mom of five who vacations on the taxpayers.

I'm still reeling from the first bailout/stimulus whatever you wanna call it where they took poor taxpayer money and gave it to the rich people for vacations and bonuses. I really doubt this one is going to work either but at least there is some good intention woven in there. I saw nothing at all good about the first trip.