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Sunday, February 01, 2009

Sunday Marketplace

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Anonymous said...

What...nothing to blog about when the team is tripping up?

Nothing to say about Dachle or BO and his quick faltering with the stimulus package, cabinet picks, etc?

It tough being in the cross-hairs isn't it?

Bwa hahahahaha

Mark Ploch said...

Trust me I've got plenty. If you must know I was leaving my blog as is because a local news show going to feature my shirts that are for sale.

So stick that in your conservative pipe and Phelps it.

CFandl said...

Should anyone be surprised at how things are going so far with Obama? The guy is in way over his head.

Can you say Jimmy Carter redux?

Lord help us all.

Mark Ploch said...

You are a tight sphincter moron.
16 days does not make or break an administration.

Scott Plocharczyk said...

Uh CF how are things going? Were you expecting this mess to be fixed overnight?

I see a man trying to come up with a plan and even asking republicans for ideas. How is he in over his head?

He admitted his mistake with Daschle and others.

Give the man a chance of more than two weeks.

bill said...

if you mean "how things are going so far" with our republican representatives? by that measure, we all continue to spiral ever downward with the economic apocalypse engineered by the bush adminstration. all our republicans representatives can think to do is to hold the stimulus bill hostage with more tax cuts for the rich.

Ernest T. Bass said...

I love socialism.

Anonymous said...

I'm very truly sorry that I backhandedly disparaged the chosen one. I should have bamboo shoots shoved under my fingernails.

I truly hope my taxes get raised astronomically, we have socialized medicine and that we begin having deep and meaningful talks with terrorist countries (maybe even back rubs).

I hope Mar posts something insightful. I always enjoy her witty playful jabs.

Congratulations on your t-shirts. Hopefully you'll make millions that you can distribute to everyone else and keep none for yourself. If you don't Bill will be upset that you're not paying enough taxes.

bill said...

don't be sorry. i believe in your right to free speech and i don't think that you are un-american for criticizing the president. i also assume you support the troops?

socialism? can you say TARP? i knew you could. i want my money back.

on taxes and healthcare, i don't believe that businesses should have to provide healthcare to their workers. its anti-free market to me.

that’s why; i believe that we need to use OUR tax dollars for universal healthcare. with a better safety net we can create a better free market.

on terrorism, again its free markets that, i think, will have the most effect on opening up these societies to outside cultural influence. not trade limitations, occupations, and foreign aid.

free markets and open societies, sounds like liberalism to me.

Mark Ploch said...

Glad to see healthy debating going on.
That's America baby. If we were Iranian or Chinese this blog wouldn't exist and I would be dead for either creating it or because I'm disabled. Either way, I LOVE AMERICA.

Speaking of America I have been told that this blog, currently trying to sell kitsch, will be plugged on the WGN Morning News at either 7:25am or 8:25am.

Thank you for you patience.

Resume freedoms.

bill said...

is that tomorrow morning?

CFandl said...

No one is expecting any overnight miracles from the Messiah, er I mean Obama. You would think since he is so smart and eloquent that his team would do a better job of vetting people.

He seems more comfortable dealing with the Muslim press than his own. Hmmmm....I wonder why?

Finally, this whole "stimulus package" thing is a joke. It is so full of pork that Oscar Meyer might go out of business. The U.S. taxpayer is getting taken for a ride big time.

Mark Ploch said...

Yes, Friday morning.

Scott Plocharczyk said...

You know CF I don't know what you're looking at.
Obama has been very comfortable with the press.
As for the stimulus package, I am no expert in any of that tax cut jargon. I will agree that I've seen some pork in there that boggles my mind.
Still, the man has been on the job for two weeks and you're running him out of office. Let's give the man a 100 days at least before making opinions.

Anonymous said...

Mark - I agree that he shouldn't be run out of office but what really bothers me is it seems like this is more politics as usual comming from the guy who is supposed to be the change agent.

The reason I say that, at this point, is that the stimulus package is almost entirely spending. Which in some ways is OK. We all have our opinions on how to jump start the economy. However, if this is a stimulus package being put forth by a guy who has been voted in on change, why are there so many things in this package that really don't have anything to do with stimulating the economy. You could argue that replacing the lawn at the Washington Monument is stimulating the economy but who's friend or relation is going to get that job? It just flies in the face of a major promise of getting the job done.

Republicans are getting in the way b/c they don't believe spending is the way out. Personally, I believe it's a little of both; government spending and easing taxes and giving incentives....but that doesn't seem to be coming across in this. The message should be a 'well balanced plan to succeed'. Again, this would make it more politics as usual. Hell, even Pelosi said, in relation to the bill, basically 'now it's our turn'. Many an article has been written about this package being the democrats way of making up for many years of not having full control of the white house and senate. Kind of disturbing, don't you think? And I mean disturbing in that now doesn't seem to be the time to make up for lost time but rather focus on the task at hand. In my opinion, this will make the democrats as guilty as they feel the republicans are for where we're at in this country to date.

CFandl said...


I never said that Obama should be run out of office. All I am saying is that he is beginning to find out that the job is much tougher than he thought.

This "stimulus package" is a joke and I don't care what anyone says. To not see it for what it really is makes one look like a fool.

Finally, there is no law that says a new President cannot be subject to criticism during his first 100 days. (Unless he happens to be George W. Bush).

Mark Ploch said...

I will agree the "stimulus" isn't exactly what I'd hope for. I don't even know what would be a good plan.
Obama is running against the stream of greedy politicians and businesses. He's got a major problem that needs fixing, but hasn't been able to get a strong footing on doing things the way he would like to fix it.

All I know is that when money is being given out in massive quantities, there's millions trying to get their piece. Its impossible to keep track of all that money.

Pork will never go away. I just hope it can be trimmed more.

I'm still waiting to see how this all shakes out.

Oh, the stupid crack about Obama being more comfortable with the Muslim press. Can you drop the moronic Obama's a Muslim rhetoric you friggin' idiot.

Scott Plocharczyk said...

CF, I don't think Obama figured this to be a cakewalk by any stretch.

Criticism is fine but we need 100 days before deciding what is or is not working.

I'd like to see Obama reign in his people like Pelosi and tell them to tone it down. Their bragadacio (sp?) is doing nothing to encourage bipartisanship. McCain is doing little to help as well.

Bottom line is both sides want to be the hero. Tax cuts and spending together seems to be the best solution. Obama wants to hear ideas from both sides but it appears that neither side will budge and compromise.

In the end he might have to say screw it. I gave you all a chance to help so here's what we're gonna do.

Which will lead to our next argument.

Tara said...

"Oh, the stupid crack about Obama being more comfortable with the Muslim press. Can you drop the moronic Obama's a Muslim rhetoric you friggin' idiot."

This again? still? really?

Ignorance is not always excusable. This is a perfect example of how Bush got elected twice. People fear what they do not understand.. which is fine to a point, unless you are too lazy or unwilling to learn something about what you trash out of fear.

There are a startling number of similarities to Christianity yet no one seems to see them, or no one wants to see them. Instead it is so much better to use the word Muslim to insight fear. Muslim extremists are NO different than Christian extremists... except maybe it's more acceptable here in the US to be full of hatred as long as you base it on some twisted definition of Christianity and your twisted version of a vengeful hateful God. Hypocrites.

bill said...

Its so superhero to see the "conservatives" morph in their fiscal conservative mode after they have spent and redistributed the most wealth in the history of the world

Defenders of the faith, not!

"Many an article" has been written about how conservative strategy is to redistribute wealth while simultaneous indebting the government and then stand back and proclaim: "look government doesn't work".

For the record; No TARP, No Stimulus, just fundamental "Change".

A safety net that protects workers in a global economy, frees businesses from providing benefits, and a government that balances the two for the greatest good.

CFandl said...

The fact that some try to equate a Christian extremist with a Muslim one shows how guilable you really are (and possibly stupid).

The last time I checked it was Muslim TERRORISTS who killed 3000+ people on 9/11, it is Muslim TERRORISTS who have killed thousands of other non Muslims and Muslims in the name of their twisted religious beliefs.

When Obama was running for President any reference to his Muslim heritage was off limits. Now that he won, he is wide open to talking about it.

I can guarantee that if the Prez was a Republican and was pushing the same "pork" err I mean "stimulus bill" all of you lemmings here would be railing against it.

Scott Plocharczyk said...

CF, open your eyes. Do you see any of us overwhelmingly liking the stimulus plan?

I haven't seen a solid suggestion from you on what should be done for
this financial mess.

Tara said...

Really? Explain the difference to me please CF. Is it okay if people kill others as long as they do so in the name of your God? I think the nuts on your side are just as nutty as the nuts on that side. What about the Jewish, are they okay?

Yes Muslim terrorists were responsible for 911, Not all Muslims are terrorists. Do you want to get into a Religious history discussion? Are you really naive enough to believe that Christian extremists are really somehow better than Muslim, or any other ones? Seriously? You really think no wrong has ever been done by Christians in the name of their God? Maybe I am misreading, or you are badly misinformed.

So please, explain it to me nice and slow and try not to use big words. Although I would prefer being stupid in general than stupidly being a bigot.

Scott Plocharczyk said...

I guess Hitler was a Muslim too.

Mark Ploch said...

Any extremist religion is a whack job. Hitler killed in God's name as do his pencil prick followers still do.

Watch the movie Jesus Camp,, and tell me they are not a dangerous group.

And why we still talking about this?

Am I happy with Obama right now, no, because I still haven't seen the light at the end of this economic tunnel. But, I know Obama is trying. He has a lot of show boats on his side that he's fighting too.

CFandl said...

I never said that all Muslims are terrorists. It just seems to me that most terrorists are Muslims.

Hitler did have some Muslim friends (Mufti) who shared his hatred for Jews.

My biggest problem with the stimulus is the pork. Take out the pork and I will be fine with it. I still don't believe that government can solve all of our problems.

What bothers me about Obama is all of his doom and gloom talk. He is the so-called leader of this country and he needs to act like a leader not a whiner.

We all know the economy is messed up (thanks to about a 40 year era of irresponsibility that has finally caught up with us). If I had the perfect solution to the problem do you think I would be spending my time here?