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Monday, February 09, 2009

Who's Sorry Now?

I apologize for not posting anything new last week. I'm really sorry for not posting and not selling a single T-shirt in the process. I'm tweaking that endeavor.

There was a lot of public apologizing last week. Michael Phelps, Christian Bale, and Etta James all offered regret about their actions. Well, sort of.

Etta James. Now her name was in the news because she was caught "ON TAPE" telling her audience she can't stand Beyonce. The 71 year old singer even went so far as to say she'd, "Whoop her ass"! All Beyonce did was remind the world who Etta James was by;
A. portraying her in a movie, "Cadillac Records."
B. by singing her famous song, "At Last" in front of PRESIDENT Obama during an inaugural ball.

Then Etta took it back by saying, "it was a joke." You're one funny lady Etta.

Then there was the explosive tirade by Christian Bale on the set of his movie. I'm not going to link to it as it is very raw. But, I will link this one from Jimmy Kimmel.
Here is what struck me as funny. The tirade actually happened last year, but the apologizing is happening now. How genuine. It raises the question, if a celebrity screws up and it's not caught on video or tape, did it really ever happen? I think Christian Bale is the real Joker here.

I can't give Michael Phelps a pass on this one. The golden boy got caught smoking a bong on camera. Some have said he got caught on purpose to somehow escape the pressures of stardom. This party was back in November and the apologies are coming in February. Again, I'm not feeling a true sense of regret for smoking a bong, but for getting caught smoking a bong.

All these people and even those politicians who got caught not paying their taxes. They are all sorry for getting caught not their mistakes. Phelps should have heard my 5 year old son telling people, "Michael Phelps did something very bad." He would have have lost more endorsement deals then he had. Then he really would have sorry.


Scott Plocharczyk said...

I just saw the Alex Rodriguez apology and it would appear to be the most sincere of all.
Not reading a written statement but talking to Peter Gammons.
If all the players spoke like he did in an honest fashion, this will move things along.

Tara said...

I behaved this week, mostly :)

I love the picture though