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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

More Illinois Burrish!t

When I was a kid I remember a big snow meaning that 12 or more inches, people could drive in the snow with no problems, and it was not a lead story on the news.

I also remember that being from Illinois meant you were from the "Land of Lincoln", Michael Jordan, Al Capone, and corn. We all knew Al Capone was a bad guy, but we accepted our relationship with him anyway.

Being from Illinois now days is a little different. We are still the "Land of Lincoln" and Michael Jordan, but sadly we've added George Ryan, Rod Blagojevich, and Roland Burris.

Of the latter three I think Roland Burris has to be the dumbest of the new three stooges. For one, he happily accepts a Senate seat appointment from Rod Blagojevich. THE SAME Senate seat Blagojevich tried to sell.

In a January 5th, 2009 signed document Burris stated;

"Prior to December 26, 2008, there was not any contact between myself or any of my representatives with Governor Blagojevich or any of his representatives regarding my appointment to the United States Senate."

That's pretty clear cut. Maybe Blago is just trying to do the right thing and Burris can be a good pick.


Now that Burris is in the Senate his memories are getting clearer. It turns out he actually did talk to the Governor's brother/head fundraiser. The same brother/head fundraiser we heard Blago talking to to raise money for a potential F'in Golden Senate seat.

By the time Burris is asked if he would want the Senate seat the whole world knows that Blago tried to sell the seat. Anybody taking the appointment from Blago would be under a microscope of suspicion. The world knew phones were being tapped and conversations were being recorded.

And along comes Burris. He knew he had conversations about the F'in Golden Senate seat and fundraising yet he SIGNS a document to the contrary. Can you be any dumber?

These politicians have lowered the bar of acceptable politicals actions so low that the Archiologists at the Field Museum wouldn't be able to find it. So now for the next few weeks we'll be listening to Roland Burris state and restate everything he said and what he really meant when he said he said when he said it.

Illinois - Land of Lincoln and a whole lot of other stupid politicians. We're gonna need bigger license plates.


Anonymous said...

Burris can't win an election on his own. Then he lies through his teeth. He needs to step down.

Scott Plocharczyk said...

No problem with the license plates. We have plenty of skilled prisoners and future prisoners ready to make them.

Stimulus Maximus said...

And to think our current Prez comes from this cesspool. Nice. Real nice.

Tara said...

OT Mark you need to add a button to follow you so I can see you in my reader. For some reason my yahoo doesn't like your blog, it has never updated, says last post 1 year ago, lol.