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Monday, December 08, 2008

I'm Moving To Minnesota

It's true, I've decided Minnesota is the place to live.
Why, you ask?
Well, because there is no crime there, that's why.
What, you ask?
Well, the way I see it, if the judges there have the time to issue an injunction to allow cheating football players to play football despite being guilty, there must be nothing else for the judges to be doing.
Who, you ask?
Ok, let me explain.

Last week the NFL suspended six players, two from the Minnesota Vikings, for testing positive on a drug test. The drug, bumetanide, is a banned substance because it can cover up, mask, the use of steroids.

The NFL policy puts the responsibility on the players to know what they are putting in their bodies. The players know which substances are allowed and which are not.

It just so happens the two players from Minnesota, defensive linemen Kevin and Pat Williams, are star players. Without them, it is believed, Minnesota would have a hard time winning their remaining games. It also just happens that Minnesota is in a very very tight race for the playoffs. The judge is from Minnesota, of course, so resolving this issue might take some time.

My guess is this will be ironed out as soon as the Vikings playoff status has been ironed out.

Why do we wonder why these athletes are always in trouble with the law? These guys know they make money for people, often wealthy people. They just know when the crap starts flying, somebody will be there with an umbrella and a shovel.

Judges shouldn't be wasting taxpayer's money trying to protect athletes who cheat. I hope his honor enjoys his skybox seats for the playoffs.


Scott Ploch said...

In all fairness the guys from Minnesota are not roids boys. They were actually using the diuretic for weight loss.
However, they all claim the substance was not listed on the box. As professionals they should have checked.
I too am outraged by today's athletes but the guys in Minnesota are pretty decent guys who messed up. Not on purpose like some idiots.

Mark Ploch said...

And they call me naive.
I ask you this big brother.

Since when do defensive linemen worry about dropping weight? Which is what a diuretic is used for.

I don't say they are bad people, but they got caught. They could have followed the NFL procedures but they did not, why?

Regardless, I'm sure there are more pressing issues for two judges to deal with in MN.

Scott Ploch said...

Since Kory Stringer died the Vikings have been very careful with this. I've seen both guys interviewed. They're fat, not roids. I also believe they have been cleared by the NFL that steroids were never involved just the butemnide.
You also forget that if a case is brought to a judge he has to hear it. They don't pick and choose.

CFandl said...

I blame George Bush for this.

Al said...


BlagosIOU said...

At least we have an honest honest Mayor......errrr......honest alderman........

Well, at least we have Chicago style pizza!

Mark Ploch said...

Never trust a man with good hair.