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Monday, December 15, 2008

Happy New Year Or BOOM!

I don't like to be a glass half empty kinda guy. But, I have read an article that calls for the end of the world this Christmas. Again.

Here, read it for yourself: The Parowan Prophet

Ok, ok I haven't sold all my worldly possessions and started doing things I've always wanted to do before I die. (Jennifer Aniston won't accept my calls anyway, but that's besides the point.)

This "Prophet" has been in the prophecy game for 30 years. When asked what correct calls he has had, I mean we need proof right? Anybody can call themselves a prophet.

His resume;
  • O.J. Simpson's murder acquittal
  • Al Gore's winning of the popular vote in 2000
Prophet? Try Coin Flipper!

Yet this guy wants people to believe the world is coming to an end, again. He has made this prediction before. I read and watch a lot of news and Oprah and I think I would have remembered the world coming to an end.
(Maybe it was on NPR, I don't listen to NPR as much as I should.)

Yet, this "Prophet" has followers. Go figure.

Maybe instead of being a insignificant blogger I will become a prophet, oops I mean, "Prophet". He gets press. I don't get press. Let's look at some of my predictions.

  • I said Obama would win. He won.
  • I predicted that Star Wars would be a flop. It's been popular, true, but just you wait.
  • I predicted that the NFL was just a predetermined macho play. Oh, wait that was wrestling.

Still, I could be a "Prophet".

My favorite quote from that article,

"Prophecy, is not an exact science."

THAT is what I'm pinning my hopes on.


Scott Ploch said...

Here's the thing. If/when the guy is right who will know or care?

Mark Ploch said...

Good point.

Tara said...

Scott already said what I was going to

Mark Ploch said...

Snooze or loose

Anonymous said...

Guess all the Ploch's covered it.
Interesting concept though.
We've all been saying our country is going down the tube, perhaps it's just a different kind of an end of the world as we know it.

Ernest T. Bass said...

I like eggs.

Scott Ploch said...

Well, I too am a Prophet and knew you'd say that Tara.

Mike said...

It's a well known fact that the world won't end until the Cubs win the World Series! This guy is a fake!

Mar said...

You're acting as a prophet because you slept at a Holiday Inn Express...yeah, that's the ticket!