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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Bye Bye Blago

I don't speak Serbian, but I think Blagojevich is translated to "really stupid golfball" in English. Those who read this should know, I'm from Illinois. You may have heard about our state just recently, ahem.

Our Governor has an ego almost as large as his stupidity. Illinois has always been known for a few famous things. Abraham Lincoln, Michael Jordan, Barack Obama, gangsters, and greedy politicians. If you were in Illinois politics you would get rich, if you played ball.

Blagojevich is a democrat who is not liked by his own party. It's no secret who runs Illinois, the Daley family. With Barack Obama going to the White House it is safe to assume a pipeine of money would have benefited everybody, above the table and under it. I'm not condoning it, I'm just saying that's what happens.

Greed not only has a new poster boy, but they have a poster family, Bonnie & Clyde Blagojevich.
From the reports I've read these two cared only about filling their pockets with money.

Clyde also was withholding $8 million from a children's hospital until he got a little sommin sommin on the side.

Clyde once boasted about his "testicular virility" to make the tough decisions. Well, he didn't lie. He used his "testicular virility" to decide to be a crook knowing he was under investigation by the federal government. Apparently, we now know where his brains are.


CFandl said...

Politics in Illinois, Chicago and Cook County are as crooked as they come. Blago is a moron, and I have no doubt that he will spill the beans on anyone he can.

I am curious to how much Obama knows. He played stupid yesterday, but one doesn't get as far as he did in Illinois politics without getting dirty.

The problem in this state is that politics is tied way to close to patronage. "Whats in it for me" is the mantra for both those who run and those who vote.


Mark Ploch said...

I can only agree with you. I had always said, I would love to into government, but never politics.

It is hard to say how much Obama knows. He rose very fast in Illinois. I'm wondering if had time to get corrupted that fast.

He may know things, but that doesn't make him guilty.

Don't me wrong, I'm not that pie-eyed to think he's a choir boy. In politics there is a thin line between politics and illegal activity.

Scott Ploch said...

Favors are the way of life in politics but Blago's actions are extortion.
In the tapes he calls Obama a mofo because he can't anything financial from him. That says a lot.

Tara said...

No doubt Spitzer is thrilled to give up the spotlight :)

Scott Ploch said...

I just heard Blagojevich will resign as long as all charges are dropped, he gets a million dollars, and the senate seat.

PatF said...

Anyone else think Blago looks like a poor man's Robin The Boy Wonder?

If stupidity (along with greed, lack of morals, lying etc) was a capital crime, this clown would be on death row.

Well, at least he is keeping the fine history of corrupt Illinois guvs intact.

Patti B. said...

You can all (blank) off. You pieces of (blank) (blank) (blank)!
My poor Robbie is being railroaded.

If you see that (blank) Obama, tell him to go (blank) himself!

Merry Christmas!

Mark Ploch said...

I just got a coupon in the mail.

75% off US Senate seat.

Mar said...

With the economy run into the ditch by the p-resident and holiday shopping at an all-time low, you can be sure that your coupon will be 80%. Heard Blago has a DC condo up for sale. Senator Mark, are you ready to rumble?