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Monday, July 27, 2009

Summer Summer Summer

This summer has been a mixed bag. Besides the 90 to 100's I felt in Florida the weather has very "non summery". If Global Warming is a reality, I sure wish Al Gore would send some of that warmth my way because I'm just not getting all that warm this summer.

Today is July 27th and this past weekend was probably the first where I could enjoy the weather.

Besides the actual weather let's look at something a lot of people like to talk about, politics. The president got himself into some hot water the other day by expressing his opinion. Obama was asked his opinion about a black Havard professor being arrested, in his own home, for disorderly conduct. One of the reasons I support Obama is because of his willingness to speak for himself and give you HIS opinion. Obama, unfortunately, is realizing that his opinion is that of the most powerful man in the free world. As much as I want to hear his opinion, I realize he needs to be careful because the world is listening.

At least Obama has the confidence to go back and try to mend a fence he knows he broke. He has invited the professor and the arresting officer to the White House for a beer. I'm curious to know what kind of beer will they drink?

It can't wont be an imported beer, so it wont be a Killian's Red.
I doubt they would pick the stereo typed beer of African-Americans, so it wont be Schlitz Malt Liquor or Colt 45.

I doubt they would pick a Budwiser or Miller product just because the one not picked would complain.

It wont be a lite version or near of beer because the would display a sign of weakness to our global enemies.

It will have to be an American Micro brew. Which one speaks of side stepping a racial war?
Here's a few they could choose (actual beers);

Left Hand Brewing - Obama's a lefty
Blue Sky Brewery - Let's clear the air
Great Divide Brewing - To acknowledge the distance we still need to go in race relations
Stone Brewing Co. - This is for my Republican friends. This company makes an Arrogant Bastard Ale. See I'm fair and balanced.


Mike said...

BYOB! This has wasting taxpayer money written all over it. You haven't even heard from the wine and spirit industry he just offended yet!

Scott Plocharczyk said...

This was Roeper's column.

Mark Ploch said...

I swear I had not read Roeper's column before I wrote mine.

CFandl said...

If that police officer (WHO WAS DOING HIS JOB) goes through with this he is a fool. All Obama wants to do is use him for a photo op.

I would tell Obama to stick that Budweiser where the sun don't shine.

Mark Ploch said...

What's wrong with clearing the air? Everybody made a mess out of this, so why not let everybody get together and clear it up?

CFandl said...

The only two people who should be apologizing are Gates and Obama. Gates cried "wolf" and handled himself like the tool that he is.

Obama butted into something that was none of his business. Get him off his teleprompter and this is what happens.

The police officer and the concerned citizen look like the winners here.

Tara said...

LMAO @ Arrogant Bastard Ale. I had no idea such a thing existed but I may be looking into it, it might be a nice gift for a few people I know.

We are just now getting heat, we have had such a nice cool summer until this week. But I like it cool. I feel like I am melting once it hits 80.