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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Why Change Your Sox?

I keep reading stories about the "controversy" of President Obama wearing a White Sox jacket when he threw out the 1st pitch at last weeks baseball All Star game. Why is this an issue?

Why does any President have to give up their opinions? Don't we elect people BECAUSE of their opinions. Hell, John Kerry got blasted because he flip-flopped his opinions.

Some were critical that Obama watched ESPN's Sports Center at the end of the day. So what!

I'd rather he turn on Sports Center than his intern.

Being President is a 24 hour a day job. There has to be a pressure relief valve or the stress would ruin the man or woman.

This country still isn't on track. But, I doubt sports is the reason the economy is still struggling.

Focus people focus.


Mike said...

If he wanted to avoid controversy, he should have worn one of those old time jackets with patches of all the MLB teams. He then could have expressed his opinion by wearing a Sox hat.
It's was an All-star game and all of MLB should have been represented.
Wearing a Cubs jacket would have worked because they are "America's Team". The 1 Canadian team might have complained but who cares.

Cousin Linda said...

I thought that it was great that the President wore a White Sox jacket. But I am a Sox fan. Let's just face facts that no matter what the man does or has done it will not be the correct thing to do by someone's point of view. Who cares about the jacket anyway. It's a ballgame. Last four letters of that word are g-a-m-e. As Mark says, "focus". Wearing a Cub's jacket would have made him look like a fool to the rest of the world.

Paul_F said...

I was surprised at first that Obama blatantly displayed a preference. But hey, it IS a only a game.

Wearing a patch of all teams may have appeared to be pandering or smarmy. Besides, only little kids where those jackets.......those and Cubs jackets.

El Presidente would've looked like a lovable loser sporting the beloved blue of 100+ years of futility.


Tara said...

I have only seen it complained about when being compared to Sarah Palin and her Artic Cat ethics complaint. Of course her husband is sponsored by Artic Cat, they are not a sports team... they give the family money and extremely large discounts. The ethics complaint questioned whether or not she was reimbursed for that advertising. She, refused to disclose that information.

I have yet to see where the Sox are paying Obama to wear his jacket, but if I do I will be against it as well as anything other team or company that pays him to advertise for them. In other words, I don't want to hear that he doesn't leave the White House without his American Express card.

Anonymous said...

With the way his politics are, Obama should have wore a Reds jacket.