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Friday, July 17, 2009

You Get A Blog, You Get A Blog, You Get A Blog

Yesterday while retreating from the rain at my son's baseball game, I was talking to my good friend Phil (not his real name). He had mentioned he had been reading another blog I had recommended, Black Jack on the White Sox.

It's a sports blog written by a former White Sox pitcher, Jack McDowell, with strong opinions. Like every American he has opinions about many things. His blog dipped it's toe into the political pool recently and all hell broke loose. One person commented that he should stick to baseball and not politics.

As a grizzled blogger I have no problem with a baseball guy breaking loose on politics. I totally disagree with his politics, but still respect his opinion. Writing a blog, while enjoyable, is difficult to remain fresh. Sometimes I have no idea what to write about until I start typing. We Americans have the great freedom to say whatever we want. So we should say whatever we want.

I think everybody should have a public blog. And we should try to learn from each others opinions, especially when we do not agree with one another. I think that is what makes life interesting.


bill said...

i couldn't help noticing that the people who accused McDowell of having no "cred" on politics failed to mention what it was that made them such political experts.

i agree with you. there wouldn't be much said if you had to be an expert in order to say it. i would have to take a vow of silence.

also, i just took another look at your picture and you are way "grizzled". that is the hallmark of a good midwestern writer.

Mark Ploch said...

All these hard summers have wore me down.

Scott Plocharczyk said...

Trust me, everybody should NOT have a blog. There are too many now.

bill said...

mark, now you sound like your rustling cattle or something.

scott, you have two blogs. after that statement the only thing a man can do is to give one up or combine them. i ask you, are you a man of your word? (work with me on old west cattle rustling sounding talk).

Mark Ploch said...

Well I reckon my kin folk should back up his words with actions.
(How's that Bill?)

Scott Plocharczyk said...

Well pardner I'd like to combine the blogs like hog slop but there are folk out there who don't take a hankerin to sports

bill said...

mark, nice.

scott, also nice, but that sounds evasive?