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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Vacation Part I - Quality, Job 437

Last week my wife, son and I drove to Florida for a vacation. Our destination was Walt Disney World and the Kennedy Space Center. We made this trip a family gathering of sorts. My wife's cousin, Peggy Sue (not her real name), lives in California. She has two sons, Romeo and Dennis (not their real names), that live in Central Florida. So when we were planning our trip we called cousin Peggy Sue to see if she wanted to join in the fun. You don't have to twist Peggy Sue's arm for a family gathering.

The drive to The Sunshine State is two days for us. We made a layover in Chattanooga TN at a "Quality" Inn & Suites. Our definition of quality and theirs is a bit different. The first sign of trouble was when their own directions sent us to Georgia. We're pretty smart and figured out the mistake quickly enough to only be in GA for a few minutes.

The second red flag was the physical location of the building. Apparently, the Country Place Restaurant had extra land behind their dumpsters and sold it to the "Quality" Inn & Suites people. We had to drive around back of the restaurant to get to the hotel.

The third huge blinking red flag was the security window when checking in. Imagine being at a drifter motel and there's a toothless 5th grade graduate behind bullet-proof glass handing out room keys. Well, our hotel had the glass window.

We drive around to our "Suite". My wife unpacks the car and we all start to unwind after 12 hours of driving. The last of which was in the dark through the mountains with truckers not on their way to the happiest place on Earth. We unfold the sleeper sofa only to find no sheets, covers or pillows. We looked every where, even in the almond colored microwave with dials from 1986 and the matching mini-fridge (the Grand Ol' Opry must of had an estate sale). Anyway, no problem we'll just call the front desk and ask for sheets, it is a "Quality" Inn & Suites.

Donna: We need some extra sheets & covers for our sofa bed.
Front Desk: We don't leave the sheets for the sofa bed in the room. You have to pick those up at the front desk.
D: We're all ready for bed, can't you send them to the room?
FD: No, I'm all alone here and can't leave.

Needless to say I slept with really itchy cover we found in the room. If he's too afraid to go out at night, I'm not sending my wife.


If you were ever wondering what the Army did with its surplus powdered eggs from WWII, wonder no more, we found it.

The rest of the trip was much better. Tune in tomorrow.


Diane said...

I think I've been there only it was in a different location. We've stayed in a place much worse also. This one had thick dried strawberry shake on the carpet on one side of the bed and a pair of used mens underware on the other side, not discovered till morning. Yes, that room was thuroughly cleaned. I felt thatI needed to check myself for parasites after leaving!

Mark Ploch said...

They don't charge for the parasites, those are free.

Cousin Linda said...

Next time you are going on vacation you can check with Trip Advisor. On Trip Advisor, you can put in your destination, time of stay, and you will get a listing of the hotels in the area which also includes comments from previous customers. I used this site when I planned our trip to San Francisco. This site also includes photos and videos that people have downloaded to the site in order to help people make a decision on where to stay. We stayed at the Chattanooga Choo Choo when we were there, which was very nice, and we stayed at a flea biting place another time. It was probably the same place that you were at. The Aquarium in Chattanooga is fantastic. Next time plan on staying at a different place and spend some time there. They have quite a few things to do & see which are great. Sorry about the bad nights sleep. That really sucks on vacation.

Tara said...

I think we have all had that experience once or twice. I'm glad it gets better, can't wait to hear the rest.

Mark Ploch said...

We have stayed at the Choo Choo before, and liked it. We were just trying to save a little for a sleepover stop.

I will check that site out next time.