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Thursday, July 02, 2009

Vacation Part II - Reading Is Over Rated

After leaving our "Quality" Inn & Suites "breakfast" we were on the road again. We drive on vacations because I fear, not flying, but my $20k wheelchair flying into the cargo bay of a 737 at the hands of an underpaid baggage handler that's going through a divorce because his wife slept with his best friend after a Elton John/Billy Joel concert.

But, I digress.

When you drive you really get to see this great country of ours. Even my, now 6 year old, son would stop playing just to look out the windows. He said that he likes seeing different things.

One thing you see a lot of are billboards. My son is just learning how to read and I'm happy with his progress. But, I'm also happy he hasn't put his skills together with reading while moving at 75 MPH.

The south loves to advertise five things. Nuts, Peaches, Chick-fil-a, Pro-life and strip joints. I'm a fan of them all. Except peaches unless they are in a pie. I just anticipate someday having to explain Club Risque ads every 10 miles for 400 miles.

Well, son, some women enjoy getting naked and allowing truck drivers, college students and divorced airline baggage handlers to stare, whistle and shout crude comments at them for dollar bills.

Maybe having to explain Boiled Nuts won't be so hard in comparison.

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