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Monday, October 05, 2015

Living In The Past

I was challenged to write an essay about my favorite subject.  I thought about this and realized I enjoy living in the past.

But, "Mark", you say, "You need to live in the present, its a gift."

If you think about that logic by Christmas morning all our gifts would be discarded to a box in a closet only to stumbled upon every 4-5 months.  We love gifts. I love gifts. The trick is to define as many things as possible as a gift.  I dare say the past can be a gift, or present, if you will.

I really love looking at photos.  Any photos really.  Personal, historical, news, friends, family photos are all "presents" to me.

Photos are a $10 billion industry.  That's a lot of living in the past.

We all have loved ones we've lost and that makes us sad.  However, most of us have photos of these loved ones that we can look at and that makes us happy.  That can't be bad.

The past shouldn't be looked down upon.  We can't escape the past, it comes too fast, and there it goes.  I say embrace the past it can be a present.

Enjoy a few presents from my past.


PeaKay40 said...

Hey Mark,
Nice article and nice pictures. I agree with you, pictures are nice to look at and remember how many good times we've really had.

Mark Ploch said...

Thank you.