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Friday, October 02, 2015


Ok Chicago Cub fans how bad do you want a playoff victory?  

Have you done everything you can within your legal powers to help your team of Cubbie Blue?

I saw a man eating a goat to help lift the "curse".  That's good, but it has been done before.  Plus, I don't think the goat eater, Takeru Kobayashi, is a Cub's fan.  Does his lunch count as a "curse buster"?  I fear an innocent goat was wasted in an attempt to lift the dreaded curse.

For the sake of argument, let's assume the original goat that created the so called "curse" is no longer alive.  Without reliable DNA evidence any current goat shouldn't be linked to the cursing goat, agreed?

If you need a goat fix, try The Salty Goat.  They sell soaps and candles.  You can wash that stinky curse away.

A gyro, perhaps, from your local favorite eatery.  Here's a few choices:

Nicky’s Carryout - Old school good!
T & G Gyros - Makes their own tzatziki sauce!
Athens Gyros - Mmmmm gyros!

Today I saw one of those social funding sites trying to send Steve Bartman to the Cub's Wildcard game.  I like the open arms embrace of Mr. Bartman.  He, like many poor goats over the years, did nothing to deserve being blamed for the curse.  At least Mr. Bartman was eaten, grilled & steamed, but never eaten.

I think I have a sure fire Winning solution for Cub's fans.

I am a lifelong, die hard Chicago White Sox fan.  I have never rooted for another team in 50 years.  My devotion was rewarded with a World Series Championship in 2005.  I don't think there are many Cub's fans left who can say the same thing.

Cub's fans I have enjoyed every flop you've experienced.  1969, 1984, 2003, 2007

Today I want to help you.  This playoff season I have no team to cheer for.

Starting right now you can buy my baseball allegiance.  Yes, you heard me right, you can buy my fan support.

Admittedly, it won't be cheap.  I have 50 years of South Side cheering to reverse.  

But ask yourself, "How badly do I want to see a World Series Championship?"

Send your payments through the following link;

If I receive $500 by Tuesday I will actively root online for the Chicago Cubs.

If I receive $1000 by Tuesday I will create an online video for the Chicago Cubs.

If I receive $1500 by Tuesday I will sing "Go Cubs Go" online for the Chicago Cubs.

If I receive above $1500 by Tuesday I will actively seek ideas online has to how I should root for the Chicago Cubs.

If we can pay off my house, I'll tattoo a Cub, selected by Cub Nation, on my chest.

It's in your hands now Cub fans.  How bad do you want it?


PeaKay40 said...

Very interesting Mark. Can't wait to see if you have any takers. Let's see where these Cub Fans loyalty lies. Do they really care enough? I'm not so sure.
We will wait and see, and meanwhile all us Sox Fans can be assured that in most of our lifetimes the Cub Fans will definitely not see 2 World Series tries. So.........Sox fans can rest assured the Cubs will never have bragging rights that can match ours.
Good Luck

Mark Ploch said...

My nephew, Jimmy, thinks I've "finally seen the light". God Bless his hopeful heart.

I can't hate these Cubs. They all seem like good guys.

We'll see if I can officially endorse them.