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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Last Chance Cubbie Fans

A few weeks ago I made an offer to Cubs Nation.  If they were to show me the money I would put aside my lifelong support of the Chicago White Sox, 2005 World Series Champions, and genuinely support these Cubs.

I was surprised only one Cubs fan took me up on my offer.  It was my nephew, Jimmy. Jimmy might be a young Cubs fan, but he has all my respect.  He is a Cubs fan swimming upstream against a steady flow of family White Sox fans.

Now the Cubs are one game away, again, from year 108 without a championship.

I try to be an open minded White Sox fan. We all know Cubs fans are going through epic Cubbie Blue balls for a championship.

They will cling to any "sign" that this is "next year". The fans collect more messiahs than cult compounds in Texas. The fact is this team is very talented and well led. But, they are very young and green and they lack a strong veteran presence.

With the fans and media pre-printing World Series tickets I think these young players started buying into the hype. I realize having an 80's science fiction movie predicting your fate is kinda cool, but they can't forget, its still fiction.

I'm not a baseball expert. However, I remember a phrase the White Sox were described by years ago.

"Live by the home run, die by the home run."
This talented team needs to play better and stop listening to Cub Nation.

If the Cubs fail I will feel bad for the real Cubs fans.  

  • The real fans that understand why potentially losing to the Mets will hurt 69 times more than any other team.
  • The real fans that can fill in the following blank;

    "To Tinker, to Evers, to _________."

  • Real fans that know why a former iconic White Sox owner is responsible for a Cubs iconic symbol.

Ok Cubs fans.  I will extend my offer for tonight's potential elimination game. 

Here's my original offer.

Starting right now you can buy my baseball allegiance.  Yes, you heard me right, you can buy my fan support.

Admittedly, it won't be cheap.  I have 50 years of South Side cheering to reverse.  

But ask yourself, "How badly do I want to see a World Series Championship?"

Send your payments through the following link;

  • If I receive $500 by game time I will actively root online for the Chicago Cubs.
  • If I receive $1000 by game time I will create an online video for the Chicago Cubs.
  • If I receive $1500 by game time I will sing "Go Cubs Go" online for the Chicago Cubs.
  • If I receive above $1500 by game time I will actively seek ideas online has to how I should root for the Chicago Cubs.
  • If we can pay off my house, I'll tattoo a Cub, selected by Cub Nation, on my chest.

It's in your hands now Cub fans.  

How bad do you want it?

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