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Monday, December 01, 2008

Giving Season

It is officially the holiday season. Or as some call it the Holly Daze, well just me anyway. Last Friday my wife and I did it. Yes, we went shopping the day after Thanksgiving. Now some may find this crazy, we find it to be fun. Granted, we're not Get-Up-At-4AM-And-Go-Shopping crazy. We hit Toy-R-Us at around 9:30am. We did this last year too. Some years we've even been known to go to, THE MALL!

Last year was crazy. During our shopping I was passing a kidney stone. You can read about it from last year's blog, READ ME.

This year was different. While there were a lot of people, the lines were short. And no kidney stones. We did well shopping. The day was sunny so my hands didn't freeze up so I was able to forge on.

I wanted to do more. Each year I wish there was more I could do for others. I'm not talking about buying toys and gifts for family and friends. I mean really helping others. This year I'm going to use my blog to try and help others. The idea being that my readers will help as well.

The first event I want to discuss is Rally Round Rae Rae. Rally Round Rae Rae is an event to help support the family of Rae Marie (Ruzich) Smith. She lost her battle with lung cancer. Rae Marie was not my personal friend. She was a friend of my family and other friends. We would see each other at various friend or family functions. This holiday season her four children will be without their mother and her husband will be without his wife.

There is to be a benefit to help raise money for her family. The benefit will be January 2, 2009 at a place called 115 Bourbon Street. They can use your help. The benefit can use money or donated items to be auctioned off at the event.

Please give or do whatever you can. Feel free to print this letter and spread the word yourself about this event.

This is what Christmas is all about.


Scott Ploch said...

Ok so you send an email:
I invite you to read my blog.
Had blogs been available, the three kings would have brought one along with the gold, frankincense, mur.

They had a blog back then. Something called, The Bible.

Mark Ploch said...

But, the online speeds were way too slow.

ANNMARIE said...


Mark Ploch said...

No problem.