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Monday, October 06, 2008

That's Why They Play The Games

This morning White Sox fans are happy and anxious, while Cub fans are sad and stupid. As a White Sox fan I can gloat because my team is still alive for their quest of another Championship. Cub fans are sad because they are forced to spew those words that 5 generations have had to spew for 100 hears.


I mentioned in a blog a few days ago that I thought the Cubs and their fans were just assuming the World Series was theirs. Well, somebody forgot to tell the Dodgers that.

Despite 100 years of losing the Cubs, in my opinion, were arrogant. Since the Boston Red Sox and the Chicago White Sox ended their perspective World Series droughts, the Chicago Cubs just felt, "It's our turn." This is why they play the games.

I'm not going to sit here and say the Cubs suck. They had the best record in the National League. They had a great collection of players that many other teams would envy. They have a manager that has been there before and knows how to win it all. They have owners with deep pockets. They also have a moronic fan base that follows them way too religiously. One more thing, they have a playing field designed and built by the Chicago White Sox's own Roger Bossard.

The thing is, I can have all the best ingredients for a cake, it doesn't mean I know how to bake a cake. Throw in just a pinch of arrogance and your cake will come out crappy. There is a fine line between confidence and arrogance. Only those closest to the situation know who has crossed the line.

Now, my White Sox are still far from winning another World Series since 2005. But, they know that, and us fans know that. We know we are going against a fresh very talented Tampa Bay Rays team. We are going to play. We know we have to play harder then we ever have.

Bottom line today is, the White Sox are still playing and the Cubs are home waiting for year 101.


Scott Ploch said...

Maybe if the media and their fans wouldn't proclaim they're in the World Series on Valentines Day they could deal with things better. Has anyone checked on Santo?

Mark Ploch said...

He's in Cooperstown practicing his speech.

CFandl said...

Thats right. Pick on Santo. At least he isn't as big of a homer as that idiot Hawk Harrelson (whose brutal tenure as a GM just about sunk the franchaise). Hawk is Jerry R's pissboy.

The Dodgers outplayed the Cubs and that is why they won. No excuses. They got beat.

Even if the White Sox somehow get past the Rays they will not advance. The Red Sox and Angels are better teams.

BTW, A.J.'s dye job is gay.

Scott Ploch said...

cfandl have you ever heard Santo? He is the ultimate homer. All local announcers are homers as they should be.
Santo is a horrible announcer. He never knows what's going on.

Cfandl said...

I know Santo is a homer. The thing about him is that he doesn't actively root against the other team and bitch and moan about the umpires like Hawk does.

I will give the White Sox props for bringing in Steve Stone. That guy knows his shit and will be a great counterbalance to Cornpone Harrelson.


Mark Ploch said...

I think Hawk's coverage of other teams and umpires is quite fair. At times I feel he is too nice towards other teams.

One more thing. I've heard no whining from White Sox players or fans about losing to Tampa. They are a great team that will sweep Boston.

Cfandl said...


If you believe that about Hawk then can I sell you some swampland. It is real cheap.

I never said anything about White Sox fans whining. I am actually surprised they are not. Though that "at least we won a playoff game" mantra is stupid.

What else should one expect?

Mike said...

I find it funny that you mention the Cub's arrogance when you have the most arrogant player in the league. AJ.
Santo is the worst announcer in the world but the older crowd loves him. That's why he's there.
The Cubs had a great year but a bad 3 game series. That is why you play the games!

Scott Ploch said...

Mike you'd love AJ on the Cubs. He's a leader. Why is he arrogant? He doesn't brag about anything. He plays the game right.

Mark Ploch said...

Why is AJ arrogant? Because he knows the rules? Because he wins?

Cfandl said...

I don't think AJ is arrogant. I just thinh he is a jerk. It was great seeing the Rays get payback after his baserunning antics against them earlier this season.

Mark Ploch said...

Baserunning antics?
That was a player who knew he messed up, and made the umpire make a judgment. That's heads up baseball.