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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

What About Now?

We are now entering into the "dirty politics" phase of the presidential campaign. This is where I really want to turn off the TV for the next month. But, I can't. How could I survive without America's Next Top Model?

Both candidates are guilty. But, I'm forced to decide, not who will heal this country's future, but who screwed up the least in the past. Some much for change.

McCain's cheerleader, Palin, loves to talk about Obama's "relationship" with Bill Ayers and Rev. Wright. Ayers was a very bad boy when Obama was in diapers. They were together 12 years ago when Obama's political career was launched. I'm not going to talk about Rev. Wright because Obama has stated VERY CLEARLY his opinion on Wright.

Obama's camp is bringing McCain's involvement during the savings and loan scandal during the mid-80's. Feel free to watch this video about that scandal.

We, as voters, have to decide how does this dried up mud from the past effect us today? I'm not that smart, and I do support Obama, but McCain's past seems very similar to today's economic problems. You all decide for yourself.

I just want today's problems dealt with.


justin said...

Typical Democrat. Ignore the associations of your nominee. I got news for you Obama is STILL good buddies with William Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn.

His life in politics was hatched in Ayers living room. Both men worked side by side in that shakedown organization called ACORN.

Obama seems to think that his past doesn't matter. He writes two lightweight books about himeself, but his past doesn't matter. He is dead wrong.

Obama is like an onion. The more layers you peel off the more it smells. He is a by-product of the corrupt Democratic machine in Chicago.

You can keep your head buried in the sand and vote for him. It may make you continue to believe that you are a smart guy. Obama is banking on "useful idiots" to get him to the White House.

Scott Ploch said...

Wow, it looks like McCain reads your blog. Justin, use your own opinion not what the party tells you to say.

Mark Ploch said...

OK, if past associations are relevant why should McCain be allowed anywhere near our economy based on his Keating experience? Keating was just another fat cat getting fatter by paying officials, McCain included, to look the other way.

For the record, I said, "I'm not that smart."

Only a true idiot or wussy would be scared by McCain/Palin's statements that Obama "pals" around with terrorists. Get your head out from under McCain's skirt and get your facts straight.

justin said...

I seem to remember that McCain was taken to take for the Keating Five thing. As a matter fact people from that time have come forward to speak up for him.

You have your head so far up Obama's ass that you cannot see or think straight. Your moralism is getting old as well.

Like I read somewhere in here before, Steve Dahl was right.

Mark Ploch said...

Republicans speaking on behalf of other Republicans?

That's your answer.

Oh OK. Now I will vote for McCain.

My moralism? Steve Dahl?

You've run out of bullets and are now throwing your gun, boxes, shoes.

You got nothing! Go kiss your Fathead poster of Bush you keep in your bedroom. When you want to be serious you're always welcome back.

justin said...

You must have a gay fetish or something my friend. Any time someone disagrees with you they need to kiss a male or stick their head up his ass.

The fact that you are still alive and breathing proves that you have mastered this art.


Mark Ploch said...

You represent the GOP proudly.

Scott Ploch said...

Justin, I have not seen one personal opinion from you. You just use the party lines.
Do you truly believe Obama is terroristic? How do you know Obama is still buddies with Ayers? Why interject Dahl into this debate?

justin said...


Of course I don't believe that Obama is a terrorist. What bothers me is that he and his supporters act like barely knows Williams Ayers and met him once at a neighborhood block party.

Ayers and Obama were both heavily involved in ACORN (which by the way is being accused of voter fraud practices in Nevada). ACORN is not some goody two shoe organization. Do some research and you will see.

It seems to be just find to investigate the backgrounds of people like Hillary Clinton, Sarah Palin and John McCain. When it comes to Barack Obama then that is a different matter.

Obama trys to pass himself off as this big agent of change when all he is is a byproduct of the Chicago politcal machine.

You and Mark seem like intelligent guys so I hope you know how corrupt Chicago politics is. Obama is just one of the boys.

These are all my personal opinions as well. You may find it hard to believe but even Republicans can think for themselves.

The bottom line is I think the real Obama (as well as the real McCain) needs to presented to the voting public. If people still decide to vote for the guy after knowing about his real past then fine.

P.S. The Steve Dahl thing was just to get Mark going. I actually agree with his overall assessment of that guy.

Scott Ploch said...

Without doubt Chicago/Illinois pols are corrupt. I still think Obama is above them even though many want to find guilt by association.
As for Ayers, does it have no bearing that he is now a University of Chicago professor?
Justin, let's say one of your college buddies (if you're that old) was like Ayers. Does that mean you're like him? No. But why does Obama get the label? We all learn from past experiences but we shouldn't be labeled by who are friends were or are.
McCain cheated on his wife, should we not vote for him because of that or because his wife was a druggie? No.
Go by what they do for the people.

'seppe said...

John McCain associated with the VietCong for like 6 years. Didn't they kill a bunch of our Soldiers?

Flame on.

justin said...


You are an asshole.


The fact that Ayers is a now a prof at UIC (and his wife at Northwestern) doesn't mean squat to me. Universities are well known bastions to people like them.

Obama supporters keep acting like he just had a casual relationship with them. He didn't. If it isn't such a big deal why is UIC refusing to release records?

McCain has been candid about his past. He has never denied his wife cheating. All I want is to hear Obama answer some questions about his work with Ayers and ACORN. (Not talking points).

Mark Ploch said...

Where's your "proof" Obama and Ayers are more casual acquaintances? You can't just throw accusations around with nothing to support them. Oh, wait, your a republican that is what they do.

Mark Ploch said...

Watch the language.

'seppe said...

Some responses are indicative of intelligence.

My point was, everyone can stretch to make an association.

Like, Justin is smart because he is a repubican.

Mark Ploch said...

Republicans have to go after Ayers because they can't scare the rest of people with anything else.

Republicans want scared people. Republicans are scary.

Steve Stone's Brain said...

Yeah Mark like Obama isn't trying to scare people with his "Great Depression" talk.

P.T. Barnum was right and this blog proves it.

Mark Ploch said...

Obama isn't the only one spewing "Great Depression" talk.