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Thursday, October 02, 2008

World's Greatest Mimes

When people talk about the Chicago Cubs the focus inevitably turns towards their fans. Fans who have pined for a century to say, "We're #1". Fans who have been selling out Wrigley Field for years to watch Quadruple A baseball. Fans who name their children after various icons of the franchise.

Fans who deserted their team when they were down by a mere 2 runs.

When I tuned into the game last night the Cubs were LEADING 2-0. Even though this score disturbed me, what I couldn't help notice was the deafening silence of the crowd. At that moment I knew the Cubs would lose despite having the lead.

It seems like Cub fans are assuming they will be in the World Series this year and they are insulted to have to watch these mere playoff games. Guess what Cub Nation (BTW I despise the whole "Nation" thing), you haven't won diddle yet. One might think that Cub fans wouldn't be assuming anything. It has been 100 years you dolts, get off your Isotoner-covered hands and support your team.

White Sox fans assume nothing. We cheer for the good and the bad. We figure since we paid a fortune to get into the park, we're gonna let our voices be heard. I was in awe when White Sox fans all got together and wore black Tuesday night. Generally, that's not our thing. But, damn if that wasn't coolest sight to see. 40,000+ fans clad in black. I could feel the energy through the TV. You could probably have felt the energy through a radio, it was so palpable (that's the first time I've ever used the word "palpable").

You hear sports players always giving credit to their fans when they win a big game at home. I'm willing to bet the Cubs' players were wondering where all their fans went last night. I'll tell them where the fans were. They were out back feeding the goat.


Scott Ploch said...

I'm just saying, in spell check the word Dempster comes up Dumpster.

CFandl said...

Cubs fans pray too much. Don't they know that God is a Cardinals fan?

White Sox fans whine too much about some b.s. conspiracy theory. They also have a stupid inferiority complex with the Cubs and anything New York.

I hope both teams get swept.

Mark Ploch said...

Obviously cfandl's team is not in the playoffs.

Boo hoo.

bill a said...

i was listening to sports radio this morning and they were talking about the stadium being so quiet. a cub fan, who attended the game, called in to say that the stadium was filled with "the beautiful people" last night. his point was: that these aren't the real die-hard fans, just people that can afford to pay ridiculous prices for tickets.

CFandl said...

Actually you are wrong. I am a Brewers fan. I will admit that they will likely lose to the Phillies.

I just won't whine about it like Chicago baseball fans.

Mark Ploch said...

Whose whining?

Scott Ploch said...

Brewer fans can't whine because all that cheese clogs their throats. They gurgle

CFandl said...

I am not whining. I realize that the Phillies are a better team. I am just grateful to be in the playoffs for the first time since 1982.

Beware the DOME.