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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Let's Go Go White Sox!

I just have to compliment the Chicago White Sox for winning the American League Central Division.

It was last 1906 when both Chicago baseball teams reached the post season. It was the World Series and the White Sox beat the Cubs 4 games to 2.

I'm torn here because I never want to root for the Cubs. But, it would be awesome to have an all Chicago World Series. On the other hand, it would be equally sweet to see the lovers of losing, Cub fans, go down in flames immediately.

White Sox fans will be fine no matter what. Our team was never supposed to be here. The Cubs were favored at the start of the season. We also have a World Series trophy that we've won in recent memory. Cub fans still need to pull out newspapers on microfiche at the library. Sox fans probably still have some 2005 papers laying around the house.

  • I listened to the Cubs "Pep" rally yesterday, and found it to be sad.
  • I find it amazing that Jim Belushi's career continues. Talk about milking your dead brother's fame.
  • They cling to a phrase that hasn't worked in 100 years. "This is the year!"
  • Their iconic rally anthem is a routine they stole from the White Sox sung by a dead guy, Harry Carey singing, "Take Me Out To The Ballgame".
  • And they continue to try to use their current success as leverage to get Ron Santo into the Baseball Hall of Fame. He's was a better than average ball player, but not Hall of Fame material.
Either way, I'll be happy. The White Sox are a team of great players having fun winning. The Cub's are great team that I'll fun watch lose.


Scott Ploch said...

Should our guys make the Series it will be spectacular. Would it be great to play the Cubs? Absolutely.
However, you won't see this Sox fan cheering the Cubs on to victory. They are still the Cubs and we don't like them. Respectfully, they're a good team and that's that.

Cody Kid said...

Cubs-Sox will NEVER happen. The Rays will beat the White Sox (of course the reason will be another DOME).

The Cubs actually have a good chance to get to the WS. I don't think they can beat the Angels if that is who they end up playing.

I despise certain elements of the Sox (mainly Hawk, Ozzie and AJ "The Three Turds"), but I did feel good for a classy guy like Thome getting his shot.


Mark Ploch said...

As I said, I'm torn. Another level of my tearing is as follows.

After the White Sox, I choose the LA Dodgers as my favorite team, always have. However, I hate Manny and all he represents, greed and selfishness.

The Brewers have a nice park and the Philly's seem like nice guys. Who to choose?

cody kid said...

The worst matchup, as far as overhyped angst goes, would be the Cubs-Red Sox. Can you imagine all of the genuflecting by those morons at ESPN?

I would love to see two small market teams like the Rays and Brewers make it.

Mike C. said...

This is the year of the Cubs. It's been known to be since spring training. The White Sox are welcome to join us in our World Series Party if they'd like, but unfortunately, it would be in the roll of losers.