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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Clash With The Twinkies

Silly sports. Silly games played with sticks and balls. Yet in all its silliness grown people are paid millions to play, people pay billions to watch, and kids and adults scream at the top of their lungs when their team does well.

Some might say, given the country's current "economic crisis", that paying so much attention to games is silly.

I say, "Boo Yaa!"
(Well, I don't really say that, but it sounds really cool.)

The Chicago White Sox won yesterday. Yessss!
That means they play again today against their nemises, (or is it nemisi?), the Minnesota Twins. The Twins are a great opponent because they too were shunned at the beginning of the season.

In Chicago and Minnesota more people will be crunching baseball statistics than economic numbers. Some goofy people will also be cheering for the Cubs today, yyyyyyyaaaaaaawwwwwnnnnnn.

The bottom line here. The economic "crisis" will be dealt with by money people. The rich will get richer and the rest of us will still be forced to struggle.

The baseball fans will be treated with one more silly game. There will be a winner and there will be a loser. I don't make predictions, because I have a very bad track record. But, I can say I will be yelling and screaming.


Scott Ploch said...

If everybody would quit calling them the Twinkies, maybe they would lose the chip on their shoulders.
I'm ready for "The Blackout." Cue up AC/DC

Mark Ploch said...

You can put lipstick on a Twinkie, but it's still a Twinkie.

(guitar rift here)

Ron G said...

What is a good pickup line at the Cell?

Nice tooth.


Mark Ploch said...

Shoot, you don't want no teef gettin' in the way.