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Thursday, October 30, 2008

I'm not sure if I predicted this out loud, but I did predict this. Really, honestly I did. I saw this story in the New York Post, Frugal Google Cuts Perks. The mighty giant of office perks is tightening their belt. Google is famous for giving its employees lots of perks. Particularly, food. And I'm not talking about a big selection of vending machines. We are talking full service cafeterias. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and how can I forget afternoon tea on Tuesdays. Google, no surprise, has been voted as a great place to work. But, now with the economy going south it's time to stop losing profits. Google isn't losing money though. Their Net Income is actually going up. They are just exhibiting corporate greed. Cut perks before profits. I'm sure the Google employees are well paid and work hard. They produce a great product. But, corporations are always more loyal to shareholders than employees. Google shares were selling at a high of $741 a year ago. Today, right now they are at $365. Don't worry though, there is still plenty of profit. This is what is killing America and all global markets, greed. I don't pretend to have an answer that will make things better. I just know that the way it is done now doesn't work.


Scott Ploch said...

Instead of blogging come up with an answer that will make things better

bill a said...

this may not be a good example of "greed". to me, this is cost cutting and corporations can or should do this sort of thing. the type of greed that i think is a problem is when individuals or companies try to make money and disregard the social costs.

Mark Ploch said...

When businesses do well everybody is loosy goosy with money. I can still see the gigantic bowl of shrimp at my first corporate Christmas party. Then the winds shifted and we never saw a shrimp again.

My point with Google is that they are still loaded. Yet, they are taking away from the employees first.

Cost cutting is part of the real world and I understand it. I just think the employees should not be the first ones to be asked to sacrifice. It is always the employees that make a company great.