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Monday, October 27, 2008

Tomatoes & Buttcracks
(Not a title you see everyday.)

If I were a Republican I would just be shaking my head at how this election is being run. Just over a week away and what is the best way to make a final push for the White House, Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Joe the Plumber.

Over the weekend Elisabeth Hasselbeck, the irrelevant blonde tomatoe from The View, was introducing Sarah Palin in Florida to discuss the real important topics of the election. No not the economy. Not the war. Not the environment. Not taxes.
They were talking about whether or not the RNC bought her $150,000 worth of clothes.

Whether or not that she keeps them or wears them or drops them off at Goodwill. The RNC thinks this is what will relate to the American people. Just another example of how out of touch Republicans are with America.

Then as I was visiting various news websites over the weekend I see this headline,
Joe the plumber?
Are we still talking about him? One, his name's not even Joe it's Sam. Two, he's not even a plumber. Three, his whole story was made up.

Where's the discussion about the still falling economy? Where's the talks about the on going war?

How about talking about how Palin is trying to jump off the sinking ship?
Read how Palin is starting to "protect" her political future.

Relax Republicans. The election is next Tuesday. We won't leave you behind.

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