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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Baseball Is In The Air

Good morning sports fans. I am going to turn my attention to something fun today, baseball. Yes, the boys are throwing the leather around in Spring training and I'm excited for Summer.

My readers know I'm not afraid of stirring the pot of controversy, so somebody hand me a spoon. As a White Sox fan I'm here to tell you Cub fans your season is already starting out flat.

If you read the stories coming from the White Sox camp you hear talk about baseball. We have players already having fun, learning fundamentals, and trying what to do with too much talent.

If you read the stories coming from the Cub's camp you hear a player wanting to be traded, the manager blowing up already, new Wrigley seats being auctioned for up to $75,000, and what to call the ballpark.

This just fuels my fire that the White Sox are a baseball team and the Cub's are are are, I don't know what they are. I just know playing winning baseball is not a priority to the Cub's. Not this season or for the last 100 seasons.

White Sox fans know the season will be tough with Cleveland and Detroit around. Cub fans are worrying what stock fund to liquidate so they can sit in the front row at soon-not-to-be Wrigley Field.

Play Ball fans!


bill a said...

ahhhh baseball, i think the sox can make a run at it if they keep crede and start ramirez and keep swisher in left and contreras pitches well and guillen doesn't play uribe and floyd pitches well and nobody gets hurt and cleveland has the playoff jinx and detroits pitching pitches like they did last year and konerko and dye and thome hit better than they did last year and ........ i just heard on the radio that steve is replacing chris singleton on the radio full time, singleton took a network tv job or something. spring is in the air. love it.

bill a said...

steve stone, that is from the previous comment

Scott Ploch said...

I wish Stone would switch with DJ on TV. ESPN must be lowering their standards in hiring Singleton.
Floyd, Danks, and 53 year old Contreras are the keys. 10-15 wins from each one equals playoffs and Mariotti will be pissed.

Mark Plocharczyk said...

Just play ball baby!

bill a said...

scott is right, we will go as far as the 3-4-5 pitchers will take us, the offense will be back this year. i love the additions of cabrera, rammirez and swisher. much needed speed, contact hitting and spark. also ozuna is back with his speed and contact hitting. my opening day lineup would be CF owens, SS cabrera, RF dye, DH thome, 1B konerko, LF swisher, 3B crede, C pierzynski, 2B ramirez.

bill a said...

also mark, its going to be radio on and the sound off on the tv.

Mark Plocharczyk said...

Getting Stone is a great addition. I'm sure if he hangs around he would replace Hawk or DJ.

I wonder if he will offer advice to our young pitchers?

Mike said...

It's been a long snowy winter and it's great to see it coming to an end with the start of the baseball season. This of course will be the season the Cubs take it all ending the 100 year drought that America's team has had to suffer through.
As the Sox enter season three of their own 100 year drought, it's good to see they have finally made an off-season move worth something by signing Steve Stone on their radio broadcasts. I hope Ozzie will have his headphones on during games so he can pick up some tips.....