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Friday, February 29, 2008

Polling, Old School

I was doing an inventory of of my blogs this morning to see which subject had prompted the most comments. The way I figure it the most commented on blog would equate to what people care about the most. It's a rough way to gauge the pulse of the world. And I say world because my site meter shows I have had visits from all over this planet.
Note:To my reader in New Zealand, drop me a note I would love to hear how my blog found you.

NUMBER 3, 10 comments.
Give The City What They Want
This was about Macy's taking over the Chicago favorite Marshall Field's stores. I was in favor of sticking with tradition. The comments, mine included, were 6 to 4 in favor of Marshall Field's. As of this writing they are still Macy's and they have yet to get a penny from me.

Number 2, 19 comments.
This was another blog about my thoughts on gun control. The comments were mixed with no clear answer what should be done. That is a pretty good representation of reality. Lots of talk, but little action to solve a big problem.

Number 1 blog, 21 comments.
When Idols Die or Just Get Old
This was my blog reviewing "Chicago Legend" Steve Dahl. Most of the comments leaned towards me being a boring jerk. Well, you can't argue with the numbers.

So, what have we learned by this?
  • People care more about gun control than the return of Marshall Field's to Chicago.
  • People care more about Steve Dahl than they do gun control.
  • I need better ideas to write about.


bill a said...

i thought the NIU blog was the best. i was following that one closely. i started to comment several times, but i thought the back and forth with you and anonymous was better than anything that i could add.

Mark Plocharczyk said...

See that's how polls can be misleading. Had you left a comment we could have made gun control more important than Dahl.

bill a said...

the dahl blog was entertaining, but gun control is more important with or without my comment. i didn't know i was polling either. i was just reading along with the NIU comments, because every time i started to comment i was rambling about everything and my words were somewhat incoherent. for the record i am very very anti-gun. my sister was killed with a handgun, as she slept. i wonder how the NRA supporters would rationalize that one?

Mark Plocharczyk said...

The NRA can't, and they know they don't have to as long as the GOP and other spineless politicians are in their pockets.

bill a said...

we first have to agree as a society that we do not want guns. your NIU blog shows just how divided some people are. as long as we are that divided we won't be able to hold the politicians feet to the fire. more and more i see politics as the art of "divide and conquer".

Mark Plocharczyk said...


Scott Ploch said...

Even if society does not want guns there will still be guns.
Funny thought, does the NRA only support rifles? They are The National Rifle Association afterall.