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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

I'll Take Democratic Hopefuls For $200 Alex

I really wish there was a law that prohibited "political advisers". If you have been watching the election process you will see the many different faces vying for President, and that's just Clinton. As the primaries moved forward each candidate would alter their persona based on how many votes they had previously received. For me, I never feel like I know who the candidate really is.

It's no secret that Clinton has been trailing Obama in the vote for weeks. Her "people" have changed her persona more times than Joan Rivers has changed her face. This past week, feeling at a total lose, just threw Clinton out there and said do whatever. She was on Saturday Night Live and the Daily Show basically making fun of herself. And, it worked! She's back in the race. Which means her "people" will make her serious again.

Obama has been fairly even keeled. I haven't seen much change in his persona since he ran for the U.S. Senate. I have a feel for who he is. Many point out his lack of experience to be President.
I have two thoughts on that point.

1. Not having the same old ties to the way things have always been done can't be a bad thing.
2. What were George W. Bush's qualifications to be President?
a. Same name of former President.
b. A "C" average student.
c. Owner of a below average baseball team.
d. Governor of Texas.

Clinton and/or Obama both have the best single qualification for President,

They are not Bush.

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