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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Settle Down

I have to say the above two words to my son a lot. He's very energetic and gets excited at times and needs to be reeled in for his own good. The same could be said about the flak surrounding Ellen Degeneres dog adoption flap.

Here's a quick overview.
  • Ellen adopts dog from shelter.
  • New dog and old cats don't get along.
  • Ellen gives her adopted dog to hairdresser with two kids.
  • Dog Shelter discovers change of address for new dog.
  • Adoption policy broken.
  • Dog shelter takes dog away from hairdresser and kids.
  • Ellen cries on TV.
  • People threaten dog shelter.
  • Mark writes blog about ordeal.
There are a lot of different opinions I have on this, but I'm going to shake my head at those threatening the dog shelter. Why?
We can disagree with their policies.
We can disagree with their actions.
We can dance,
We can dance everybody's takin' the chance
Oh Well the safety dance
Ah yes the safety dance.


Oh yeah, we can disagree with their actions. But where does it say, that because a company is doing busy legally, we have the right to threaten them with all types of violence?

Settle down people.
Ellen will settle her problem a lot easier without all the threats. If you have too much energy play this game to help you calm down.

The Free Rice Word Game


Tara said...

I agree threatening violence is not the way to go. I do find the situation sad though, I couldn't imagine growing up without a dog. My dogs don't come from shelters for so many reasons. Don't get me wrong I think they need homes and it's a great thing to take one home. I just think their "rules" are ridiculous (aside from the spay/neuter rule)and haven't had good experiences with the dogs I have adopted in the past (health wise). I will say I don't get why the shelter would step in and remove a dog, she found it a good home, instead of sending it back to live in a cage. If it were anyone else besides Ellen, would they have done the same? Probably not, I doubt they do checkups on the animals they place, they never would have known or cared.

Scott Ploch said...

This was not just a regular shelter. It's a private animal rescue organization and they do follow ups. Ellen signed the contract with the stipulation not to give the dog away. However the other lady over reacted maybe to get her name out there.

Mark Plocharczyk said...

I also think going on national TV was a bit much too.