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Friday, October 26, 2007

Hey Prince, I Got Your Lawsuit Right Here Pal

We all know there are way too many lawsuits in this country. Some suits are legit, while most are just a cash grab. Some are just a huge waste of everybody's time. To that end I give you Prince.

Prince saw a video on YouTube and felt his vast musical empire was being violated. I will show you this video, but I warn you,


It is 29 seconds that will shock your inner core.

The Video(Click Link)

Let's Go Crazy Baby

Now that you have seen the video you understand.

Those 29 seconds prompted one of the most successful artists in music history to call his legal team who then contacted YouTube who then contacted the video owner and told them,

"Your video is illegal and we're taking it down".

The owner of this vile video then contact another lawyer who contacted YouTube who then contacted Prince's legal army who told Prince,

"No it's not! We are putting it back up".

According to a story by ABC Prince scours the internet looking for people or web sites misusing his material. Prince sounds like Googleholic. I can just imagine him Googling every title of every song he has ever written. I'm guessing he gets a lot of car dealerships when searching Little Red Corvette (my Google found 1.7 million sites).

I just wonder why the Raspberry Beret guy does this. Does he not have enough money? Maybe when he partied in 1999 he lost all his money.

I'm trying use a lot of Prince's song titles so he might find my blog next time he's Googling. That way he can explain to me why his Purple Rain is not enough for him. I would also ask him if the band KISS ever gave him a hard time about his song Kiss?

I figure if I can get under Steve Dahl's skin I should be able to get under Prince's skin When Doves Cry. I would be Delirious if he contacted me.

Maybe he's just frustrated that he hasn't had a #1 song since 1991. Hard to party like it's 1991 I guess.

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